Lewes Urban Arboretum Project

Where were the trees?

As part of our Lewes Urban Arboretum project, we’re looking for pictures of the town that show now-absent trees. We’re hoping that these will help us in our plans and proposals for reinstatement and other planting to bring back the town’s tree cover, by serving as evidence of what was once in place.

Pictures of Landport would be particularly useful, but we’re interested in all parts of the town.

If you have such pictures and would be willing to share them, please contact us.

Photography competition

Themed on “Trees in the Lewes Townscape”, Friends of Lewes ran a photography competition for those living, working or studying in the town. There were under 12, under 18, and adult categories. The closing date for entries was Oct 1st 2013.

The entries were displayed and the winners chosen on Thursday 17 October 2013, at Lewes Town Hall. This was followed by a talk by David Saunders, MCIFor, on the Friends of Lewes’ Urban Arboretum project.

The winners were George Cade (Juniors) and Paul McDonald (Adults).

Submitted entries can be seen on this page

Lewes Urban Arboretum update

Some time ago the Friends of Lewes received a bequest to fund the planting of trees in Lewes. This encouraged the late Paul Millmore to conceive the idea of creating a Lewes urban, or town-wide, arboretum consisting of existing tree stock in the town along with additional plantings, integrated by means of a walking guide and narrative and perhaps other, interactive, interpretive materials.

The Society commissioned a survey of Lewes trees  from David Saunders, an arboriculturist in the town, part funded by a  grant from the National Park Authority’s Sustainable Communities Fund. The survey was completed in late 2012, and its results are being used to determine further work. In the short term this will include tree planting, a photography competition, and a public lecture on trees. A Google Map of significant Lewes trees  is below, and the survey report is available.

Our tree-planting will initially focus on Landport and around the Brooks Rd/South Downs Rd trading estate, and we’re working with the Landport Residents Association and trading estate owners and managers.

Longer term, we’re hoping to conduct an iTree survey in 2014. This is a more complex and detailed survey that would yield a range of information to form the basis of a long-term management plan for the town’s tree population.  It might also help in influencing longer-term, broader planting in the town through the developing Lewes Neighbourhood Plan.

All these objectives will both benefit from, and yield opportunities for, community engagement.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact us.