Santon North Street development – third consultation workshops, 26 & 27 March 2014

The Santon Group are holding the third of their series of consultation workshops in Lewes during March.

The first will be on Wednesday 26th March from 4pm to 9.30pm at the Assembly Room, Lewes Town Hall,  High Street, Lewes. The second workshop will be on Thursday 27th March from 3.30pm to 7.30pm at Southover Grange, Southover Road Lewes. These are repeated workshops.

Friends of Lewes are always interested in members views – please e-mail them to


Santon have provided some notes with details of what they hope to achieve:

  1. “The material on show will be in sketch form explaining rationale and character of design much that has evolved out of the town Xray , the “Gloss” images will be toned down and these will be drawings in progress for people to comment on , at the time of the application will submit detailed CGIs and other forms of Artists impressions.
    There will be a lot more details this time and more boards , more images of detailed design on the boards , later versions of the material recently displayed at Town X ray , this will include a updated model and 3d fly through
  2. In addition there will be more hand-outs on detailed issues such as transport /affordable housing / employment space
  3. This is still regarded as a consultation , and input is still welcome , although we are now nearing completion of the design process and still “targeting” a planning Application early Summer ( April /May )
  4. As before we will be promoting and asking that conduit tool of public communication is the project website , drawings and board information will be posted on these websites for all to read at their leisure.”

This flyer provides more information