Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report June 2014

Friends of Lewes Planning Committee

Representations made on planning applications following a meeting held on Thursday, 5 June 2014.

SDNP/14/01904/FUL Lewes Community Screen
The Friends of Lewes Society supports the conversion of this currently empty building for public use.  It commends the design for retaining an important building and adding value to it by the addition of a contemporary glazed façade, through which the existing building will be visible.  It supports the hard and soft landscaping of the former tarmac service yard.  As public parking is available at the adjacent Pinwell Road and Railway Station car parks it is content that the parking provision on the site will be for disabled persons vehicles only whilst the access for service vehicles is considered adequate and probably less than when the building was used as a Post Office depot or brewery warehouse.

Applications as at 6 May

SDNP/14/01873/HOUS15 St Peters Place: Replacement of timber front door with UPVC door
The Friends of Lewes object to this application. It would prefer to see the retention of a painted timber door in the Conservation Area in accordance with Policy H5 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.

Applications as at 13 May

SDNP/14/02286/HOUS 36 Fitzjohns Road: Erection of a one and a half storey side extension including garage conversion
The Friends of Lewes object to this application. The large scale and massing of the proposed extension, which is built up to the boundary wall, will have an overbearing impact on the adjacent property contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.

Applications as at 20 May

SDNP/14/02196/HOUS28 St Swithuns Terrace: Erection of rear ground floor extension and enlargement of dormer to rear elevation
Comment: The Friends of Lewes object to this application. The proposed enlarged dormer is out of scale with the existing building in the Conservation Area and contrary to policies ST3 and H5 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. It is larger than other dormers in this road of terraced properties, will lead to overlooking and loss of privacy and is visible from the public realm.

SDNP/14/02342/HOUS 1A Prince Edwards Road: Garage conversion with pitched roof to front elevation
The Friends of Lewes object to this application. The proposed hipped roof is incongruous and does not relate to the style of the terrace, contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. A plain lean to or well designed flat roof would be more appropriate.

SDNP/14/02499/HOUS 13 Blois Road: Erection of a single storey side extension.
The Friends of Lewes objects to the roof design in this application, which it considers is contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. The new lean-to roof should be at the same angle as the main roof of the dwelling.

Applications as at 27 May

SDNP/14/02399/HOUS 19 The Avenue: Replace two uPVC windows with wooden windows
The Friends of Lewes support the replacement of uPVC windows with wooden ones, which will be an enhancement to the conservation area.

Applications as at 3 June

SDNP/14/02647/HOUS 17 St Peters Place: Installation of rear dormer and two front facing conservation style roof lights
The Friends of Lewes object to this application which it considers contrary to policies ST3 and H5 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. The proposed rear dormer will be visible from Lewes Castle and will set an undesirable precedent for the rest of the terrace.  Although similar large dormers may exist on the other side of the street, it is likely that these were constructed before the SDNP became the planning authority and higher standards are now expected in the National Park. The dormer proposed is out of scale with the terraced house and the window at 2100 x 900will be by far the largest in the house. A window 1500 wide would be more appropriate and would still provide adequate light to the proposed bedroom. The proposed flat roof to the dormer is covered in felt, which is inappropriate in the Conservation Area and the covering material should be lead or zinc. The dormer fascias appear to be painted timber, which will be difficult to maintain. The slate cheeks should be carried full height without fascias, with a neatly detailed flashing/drip as part of the sheet finish to the roof.

SDNP/14/02583/ADV 220 High Street: Installation of 2 x non illuminated timber projecting signs and 2 x non illuminated fascia signs
The Friends of Lewes commend this application. The signs on two bays are sign written and the projecting signs are small on simple brackets. It is a sensitive proposal for an important listed building.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/4/01504/HOUS 13 De Montfort Road. Replace and add roof lights.
SDNP/14/02041//HOUS 1 Prince Charles Road. Retain porch.
SDNP/14/01631/LIS & 01629/ADV VRAC Tea Shop, 18 Lansdown Place.   Retain sign and fitting.
SDNP/14/02016/LIS 13 South Street. Change render on front and repaint front door.
SDNP/14/01302/HOUS 22 Keere Street. Replace rear french doors.
SDNP/14/02133/FUL 20A The Lynchets. Erect semi-detached house.
SDNP/14/02185/FUL Sussex Police Headquarters, Church Lane. Lift shaft, replace windows and curtain walling, add screen and parking bays.
SDNP/14/02268/FUL Lewes Mansion, 3A Fisher Street.   Create additional floor.
SDNP/14/02116/LIS 19 Sun Street. Internal refurbishment, new cellar window, replace doors and windows.
SDNP/14/02122/FUL Malling Works, Daveys Lane. Demolish buildings abutting listed building.
SDNP/14/02474/HUS 12 Dorset Road. Additional storey to rear extension, new window and roof lights.
SDNP/14/01382/HOUS 223 High Street. Signs.
SDNP/14/02352/HOUS 29 Highdown Road. Garden building.
SDNP/14/02443/HOUS 27 South Street. Replace front door.
SDNP/14/02472/ADV 2 High Street. Replace signs.
SDNP/14/02506/ADV New Look, 7 High Street. Signs.
SDNP/14/01643/LIS 149 Malling Street. Interior refurbishment and retain chimney stacks.
SDNP/14/02180/HOUS 125 & 126 High Street. Two dormer windows and Juliet balcony.
SDNP/14/02371/FUL Lewes Railway Station, Station Road.   Cycle store in car park.
SDNP/14/02403/HOUS 38 Court Road. Replace windows and door with uPVC, enclose front porch with new outer door.
SDNP/14/02555/HOUS 4 Mount Street. Replace windows.
SDNP/14/02584/HOUS 22 Southover High Street. Repaint window frames.
SDNP/14/02650/HOUS 13 South Street. Replace rendering and paint front door.
SDNP/14/02717/LIS 116 High Street. Rear extensions, excavate light well, dormer window, roof lights and interior refurbishment.
SDNP/14/02279/HOUS 49b South Street. Replacement windows