Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report September 2014

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting held on Thursday, 4 September 2014.

The following additional representations were submitted in response to revisions to application:

SDNP/14/03384/ADV: Unit 1, Pannetts Building, Railway Lane. Installation of facia signs.
The Friends of Lewes consider the revisions to be an improvement to the original proposal. Of the two options it has a preference for Option 1 (separate letters) over Option 2 (panel). The separate letters obscure less of the brickwork and retain the integrity of the original elevation. It supports the applicant’s proposal for a pair of signs to maintain the symmetry of the building. It feels the alternative proposal for a single sign plus a projecting hanging sign is inappropriate on a robust industrial-vernacular former warehouse. The Society remains concerned about the colour proposed: RAL 1028. This is a strong orange and will look particularly discordant on red brickwork. It would look much better in black or white with a matt finish.

Weekly lists as at 12, 19 and 26 August and 2 September

 Applications as at 12 August 2014

SDNP/14/03910/LIS: New signage and repainting of the main entrance door. 137 High Street

SDNP/14/03911/LIS: New signage and repainting of the main entrance door. 140 High Street

SDNP/14/03912/LIS: New signage and repainting of the main entrance door. 141 High Street

SDNP/14/03913/LIS: New signage and repainting of the main entrance door. 174 High Street

The Friends of Lewes Society objects to these applications. Whilst understanding the need for a coherent identity for this scattered school ‘campus’, it considers the corporatism represented by identical projecting signs on four separate buildings is inappropriate in the main street of the Lewes Conservation Area. Three of the buildings have coursed flintwork facades (mentioned by Pevsner and Clifton-Taylor amongst others) and it will be virtually impossible to achieve adequate fixings for heavy projecting metal signs without damage. In two cases (numbers 140 and 141) the signs undermine the balance of the fine Georgian facades – these were prosperous town houses and their residential appearance should be retained. More discrete signs on each front door would be sufficient, preferably sign written. This is the approach that has been taken by Adams & Remers, Trinity House, School Hill and provides an exemplar, which should be followed. The Society also objects to the use of vitreous enamel signs. The applicant cites their suitability for London Underground stations and electricity pylons and this is inappropriate for the Conservation Area. The only building where a projecting sign is appropriate is 174 High Street (Leicester House), where there is an existing projecting bracket and sign. This sign should be of timber construction, painted and sign written.

Applications as at 19 August 2014

SDNP/14/04048/FUL: Erection of new dwelling on site of derelict poultry sheds. Juggs Road.
The Friends of Lewes support this development, which will result in an improvement to the existing site. It commends the sensitive design.

SDNP/14/04115/HOUS: Erection of wooden shed in front garden. 26 Hereward Way.
Friends of Lewes is concerned that should planning consent be granted it will set a precedent for similar development in front gardens.

Applications as at 26 August 2014

SDNP/14/04191/HOUS: Installation of dormer window at rear. 37D South Street.
The Friends of Lewes object to this application. The scale of the near full width dormer close to ridge height is excessive and of unsympathetic design in relation to neighbouring properties, contrary to policies ST3 and RES13 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.

Applications as at 2 September 2014

SDNP/14/03876/HOUS: External decoration. 18 Southover High Street.
The Friends of Lewes object to the marked change in colour proposed, which is in strong contrast to the colour of the properties on either side. 18 Southover High Street is the middle house in a group of three similar properties painted in complementary colours. The colour proposed does not respect the grouping of buildings, which contribute to the character of the area, contrary to Policy H5(e) of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.

SDNP/14/04356/FUL: Erection of semi-detached dwelling. 13 Cross Way.
The Friends of Lewes objects to this proposed development on the grounds of over development of the neighbourhood.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/14/03967/HOUS 14A St. John Street. Replacement front door.
SDNP/14/03888/HOUS Rykehurst House, Rotten Row. Rebuild brick pier/wall to street boundary.
SDNP/14/03920/CND 28 St Swithuns Terrace. Removal of conditions (archaeological investigations).
SDNP/14/04077/FUL 2 Mount Place. Change of use and conversion of store room to retail.
SDNP/14/04043/HOUS 59 Leicester Way. Conversion of lower ground floor.
SDNP/14/04090/HOUS Rykehurst House, Rotten Row. Change of materials to existing garage.
SDNP/14/04167/HOUS 8 Hoopers Close. Single-storey extension with roof lights and solar panels.
SDNP/14/04178/HOUS 17 Friars Walk. Lower ground floor extension and modifications.
SDNP/14/04246/HOUS 58 St. Pancras Road. Demolish shed and construct garden studio.
SDNP/14/04145/FUL The Malling Business Centre. Change of use of ground floor from B1 to D2 use.
SDNP/14/04127/HOUS 8 Queen Annes Close. Convert/extend existing garage into accommodation.
SDNP/14/03223/HOUS 53 Queens Road. Two storey side & single storey rear extensions and porch.
SDNP/14/04353/HOUS 42 Grange Road. Side extension with roof terrace over.