Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 6 November 2014

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Thursday, 6 November 2014. Applications marked with * were also considered by the Executive Committee on 19 November 2014.

 Weeks ending 7, 14, 21 and 28 October & 4 November

 Applications as at 7 October

SDNP/14/04932/HOUS: Conversion of loft to a habitable room to include construction of rear dormer window. 2 Spital Road.
Friends of Lewes object to this application because no details of the materials to be used in the construction of the dormer window have been submitted with the application. It fully supports the concerns raised by the Design and Conservation Officer over the use of unacceptable materials in the Conservation Area and the advice that slate, lead or other metal and timber windows should be used.

Applications as at 14 October

SDNP/14/04313/HOUS: Single storey free standing garden room in place of existing garage. 11 Houndean Rise – Amended description.
Friends of Lewes object to the creation of a building for a purpose that is not incidental to the enjoyment of the main dwelling house. If permission is granted for a new habitable dwelling in the garden it could set a precedent for further, similar development in Lewes. It also restates its objection to the design and materials proposed. These are out of keeping with adjacent buildings in the neighbourhood, contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. The unattractive box structure will be visible from the road.

SDNP/14/04628/FUL: Installation of a wooden cabin (existing cabin to be removed). Lewes Football Club, Mountfield Road.
Friends of Lewes object to this application because the design of the proposed cabin is very poor when compared to the very high quality design of the club house it supported in approved application SDNP/14/01306/FUL. It questions how the design of this new wooden cabin fits in with the overall development plan for the site.

*SDNP/14/04628/FUL: Installation of a wooden cabin (existing cabin to be removed)  Lewes Football Club Mountfield Road. Additional representations.
Lewes Football Club has contacted the Friends of Lewes to clarify the nature of the wooden cabin and its context within the overall regeneration plan for the ground. FoL understands that the wooden cabin is not a permanent feature but will temporarily replace the functions that an existing Portakabin currently fulfils. The Portakabin must be removed to allow construction to start on the new clubhouse, hence the need for the temporary wooden cabin.  The overall regeneration plan for the ground shows a two-storey ‘Sussex Youth Network Centre’ being built in the north-west corner of the ground, which will subsequently replace the functions provided be the temporary wooden cabin. Against this background, Friends of Lewes has no objection to temporary planning permission being granted for a period of up to two years.

SDNP/14/05065/LIS SDNP/14/05091/ADV: acrylic fascia signs, illuminated letters, illuminated projecting signs, illuminated ATM surround, vinyl graphic applied to glazing panel, acrylic bank nameplate. National Westminster Bank 220 – 221 High Street.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposed use of internally illuminated acrylic signs in the conservation area, which is contrary to policy ST29 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. It would support non illuminated facia signs in timber and sign written. It objects to the large ATM surround which is inappropriate in the conservation area and contrary to policy H5 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. The Society believes that any permission granted should be conditional on the provision of an ATM receipt bin, as existing.

Applications as at 28 October

SDNP/14/04943/HOUS: Replacement of the front windows with timber framed sash windows. 100 Western Road.
Friends of Lewes object to this application because inadequate information has been provided to assess the proposals. Drawings showing windows within the elevations of the property are required together with details of the window glazing bars.

SDNP/14/05102/FUL: Erection of single storey mobility scooter store and canopy to the rear entrance. Leighside House Court Road.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the provision of the mobility scooter store. However, it objects to the scale and massing of the large polycarbonate canopy roof proposed over the adjacent ramp.

SDNP/14/05231/HOUS: Installation of external solid wall insulation to three elevations with render over. 63 Spences Lane.
Friends of Lewes object to this application because insufficient information has been provided to assess the proposals.   Drawings showing the elevations of the property and the extent of insulation proposed are required.

SDNP/14/05330/FUL: Internal and external alterations, rear first floor extension, rebuilding of section of garden wall and demolition of w.c. 49B Cliffe High Street.
Friends of Lewes support this application and commends the applicants for embarking on a brave project aimed at conserving and improving the existing buildings that are in a poor state of repair. It encourages the local planning authority to facilitate a successful outcome.

SDNP/14/05369/HOUS: Erection of a garden room/home office. 81 Houndean Rise.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to this proposed development provided the creation of the garden room/home office is incidental to the enjoyment of the main dwelling house. Planning permission should be subject to a condition that does not allow it to be used as a self contained dwelling.

Applications as at 4 November

SDNP/14/05352/FUL: Erection of a 3 bedroom detached house with under croft car-parking in place of existing garage accessed off Spences Lane. 8 Hereward Way.
The Friends of Lewes consider this proposal to be an ingenious use of a back garden/garage area but it is sited too close to the existing houses in Hereward Way. The extensive change in levels across the site would result in a number of small and barely useable spaces in both gardens. It also has concerns over the proposal for under croft parking and a master bedroom at the same level as the area that flooded extensively in 2000.

SDNP/14/05442/HOUS: Erection of a first & second floor side extension, insertion of a dormer window to rear roofslope and rooflight to front roofslope. 6 Wellhouse Place.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposed dormer which extends to ridge level. The dormer should sit well within the roof slope and down from the roof ridge.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/14/04940/LIS 10-11 Priory Crescent.   Balustrading to first floor rear balcony.
SDNP/14/05016/HOUS 32 The Course.   Roof conversion with rear dormers.
SDNP/14/04514/HOUS 24 South Street.   Single storey side extension.
SDNP/14/04804/HOUS 7 Winterbourne Close.   Single storey rear extension and first floor rear extension.
SDNP/14/05022/HOUS 7 Pipe Passage.   Single storey rear conservatory extension and side extension and remove front door.
SDNP/14/05066/HOUS 26 The Course.   Front and rear rooflights and window in rear extension.
SDNP/14/05119/HOUS 21 Priory Street.   Replace dormers and bathroom window.
SDNP/14/05115/HOUS 5 Malling Down. Replace conservatory with rear extension.
SDNP/14/05156 & 05157/LIS 211 High Street.   Extension and alterations to ground floor rear.
SDNP/14/05029/HOUS 19 Winterbourne Mews.   Convert garage to living accommodation with first floor extension over.
SDNP14/05146/FUL & 05147/LIS 11 High Street.   Change use of first and second floor offices above National Westminster Bank to residential.
SDNP/14/05161/HOUS 5 Talbot Terrace.   Single storey rear and side extensions and rear dormer.
SDNP/14/05169/HOUS 80 Valence Road.   First floor side extension.
SDNP/14/05218/LIS Flat 3, Howard House, 30-31 High Street.   Replace bathroom and bedroom windows.
SDNP/14/05317/LIS The Maltings, Castle Precincts.   Remove two internal walls.
SDNP/14/05313/HOUS 25 Valence Road.   Replace windows and entrance door.
SDNP/14/05101/FUL 207 High Street.   Erect subterranean dwelling with grass roof and on site parking.
SDNP/14/05246/ADV Malling Down.   Replacement signs/interpretation boards.
SDNP14/05247/ADV Southerham Nature Reserve.   Replace signs/interpretation boards.
SDNP/14/06306/HOUS 14 Western Road.   First floor flat roof rear extension.
SDNP/14/05315/LIS Flat, 4 North Street.   Remove rear chimney.
SDNP/14/05328/HOUS 28 Landport Road. Retrospective application for loft conversion.
SDNP/14/05368/HOUS 8 Queen Anne’s Close.   Convert and extend garage to form two-storey side extension.
SDNP/14/05373/HOUS 27 The Avenue.   Single storey side/rear extension.
SDNP/14/05402/FUL Flat 1, The Old Police Station, 35 West Street.   Retrospective application for change of use and convert vacant space to form lower ground floor flat.
SDNP/14/05424/FUL New Pit Depot, Mill Road.   Erect road salt storage building.
SDNP/14/05427/HOUS 24 Mildmay Road.   Front and side extension.
SDNP/14/05477/FUL 13 Station Street.   Repainting.
*SDNP/14/05465/HOUS 11A Prince Edwards Road. Erection of side and rear extension, recladding of all elevations, installation of dormer window to rear roofslope, pedestrian entrance from street, and garden studio in rear garden.