Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 11 December 2014

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Thursday, 11 December 2014.

Weeks at 11, 18 and 25 November and 2 December

Applications as at 18th November

SDNP/14/04906/FUL & SDNP/14/05783/LIS: Installation of a fascia sign and hanging sign and redecoration of shopfront. 66 High Street
Friends of Lewes objects to several design aspects of this application which it considers are contrary to policy H2(b) of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.. The proposed fascia is clumsy and does not relate to the existing narrow fascia – it appears ‘stuck on’. The original 18/19th century brickwork below the shop fascia should be retained and cleaned; not painted as proposed. The proposal to fix the high level hanging sign to the mathematical tiled cladding is difficult to achieve without damage and should be avoided if at all possible.

Applications as at 25th November

SDNP/14/05939/HOUS: Erection of a single storey rear extension and loft conversion including hip to gable extension and raising of the ridge height. 6 Winterbourne Close
Friends of Lewes objects to the scale of the proposed loft conversion which does not respect the character of neighbouring buildings, contrary to policy ST3(a) of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. It objects to the proposal to extend the height of the loft conversion above the existing ridge level and the conversion of the existing hipped roof to a gable end. Both will result in a structure of excessive height and width.

SDNP/14/05687/FUL: Re-cladding of workshop walling to replace timber cladding with profiled metal. Caffyns Plc Brooks Road
Friends of Lewes had no objection to application SDNP/13/04653/FUL to re-clad the workshop walling with timber. However, whilst ‘profiled metal cladding’ could be a perfectly acceptable finish to an industrial building it objects to its use in this particular case. It considers timber should be used to match the timber finish on the adjacent Caffyns Showroom, thereby maintaining a style that is consistent with that of neighbouring buildings.

SDNP/14/05802/HOUS: Replacement of hedge and post and wire fence with wall and hedge and creation of paved parking area. 30 South Street
Friends of Lewes is concerned that the proposed wall will result in a severe change to the street scene from green hedge to stark wall, contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.

Applications as at 2nd December

SDNP/14/06092/FUL& SDNP/14/06093/ADV: Erection of retractable awning, side panels and wind break over open area used as additional seating. Riverside Cafe Bar Riverside High Street
Friends of Lewes objects to the proposed awning and side panels which will detract from the fenestration of the listed building and adversely affect its character, contrary to policy H2(b) of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/14/0567/HOUS 1 Park Road.   Conversion and extension of garage.
SDNP/14/05709/HOUS 17 Friars Walk.   Raising terrace and garden level, modifications including new windows and roof.
SDNP/14/05739/LIS 34 Lansdown Place.   Internal alterations.
SDNP/14/04668/HOUS & 04670/LIS 66 Southover High Street.   Single storey extension.
SDNP/14/05389/FUL & 05390/LIS Barclays Bank Plc, High Street.   Replace ATM.
SDNP/14/05492/HOUS 20 Fitzjohns Road.   Erect shed at rear.
SDNP/14/05672/HOUS 1 Park Road.   Garden room.
SDNP/14/05685/HOUS 49 Priory Street.   Change door colour to yellow.
SDNP/14/05791/HOUS 51 Firle Crescent.   Single storey side extension and front porch.
SDNP/14/05805/HOUS 132A South Street.   Two-storey rear extension with gable, rear dormer, front rooflight and two side windows.
SDNP/14/05871/ADV Lewes District Council, High Street.   Banner.
SDNP/14/05727/LIS Flat 3, 1 Friars Walk.   Repair windows.
SDNP/14/05870/HOUS 7 The Avenue.   Change colour of doors and pipes to grey.
SDNP/14/05854/HOUS Winterbourne Cottage, Bell Lane.   Single storey side/rear extension.
SDNP/14/05942/HOUS 48 Grange Road.   Replace windows.
SDNP/14/05840/FUL 62 Court Road.   Replace windows.
SDNP14/05890/FUL 60/62 Western Road.   Rear dormer, front window, change window to double doors, alter pitch of roof with roof light and amend door to window.
SDNP/14/05876/FUL Lewes Old Grammar School.   Change use to education
SDNP/14/05931/FUL The Studio, Wellers Yard, Brooks Road.   Change use to health centre.
SDNP/14/06015/HOUS 6 The Avenue.   Replace garden room.
SDNP/14/06016/HOUS 12 Montacute Road.   Demolish garage and erect extension with integral garage.
SDNP/14/06017/HOUS 40 St Nicholas Lane.   Two rooflights.
SDNP/14/06040/HOUS 30 Priory Street.   Single storey rear extension.