Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 25 February 2015

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Executive Committee held on Wednesday 25th February 2015.

SDNP/15/00025/FUL & SDNP/15/00026/LIS: 11 High Street.
Removal of existing roof and creation of additional storey with dormer windows to create two residential units, second floor alteration of the existing consented scheme with the infill of the lightwell to change a two-bedroom unit into two x one-bedroom units.
The Friends of Lewes Society does not object to this specific proposal for an additional storey with dormer windows for housing. In alterations to listed buildings it is often desirable to have a clear visual separation of new work from old. However, in this particular case the Society considers that the design of the new roof and dormer windows should look as if they were part of the building as extended during the mid 20th Century. Dormers should be placed so as to form a definite relationship with the main features of the building’s façade and should be aligned and be symmetrical with existing windows. The roof materials used should be slate and lead. The Society therefore considers that if planning permission is granted it should be conditional on:

  • The hierarchy within existing fenestration being respected with new windows reflecting the style, scale, proportion and alignment of the existing windows.
  • Natural slate being used for the pitched aspects of the roof with lead dressings, and lead or zinc being used for the flat roof.

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Thursday, 5th February 2015.

Weeks as at 13, 20 and 27 January and 3 February 2015

Week as at 20 January

SDNP/14/06567/HOUS & SDNP/14/06568/LIS: 62 Southover High Street.
Erection of ground and first floor extensions to rear, installation of new patio doors, timber door and aluminium framed windows to side, removal of rear dormer and installation of rooflights, installation of solar panels to westerly facing roof slopes, internal alterations and refurbishment, demolition of existing garage and alterations to adjacent barn, including installation of new doors and new garage door.

The Friends of Lewes Society objects to the development proposed at Yew Tree Cottage as it considers it would cause substantial harm to the Grade ll listed building, contrary to paragraph 132 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). The proposal to replace the post 19th century additions, which form part of the cottage’s heritage, with a new two storey wing and a contemporary full width extension would adversely affect the architectural and historical character of the listed building contrary to Policy H2(b) of the Lewes District Council (LDC) Local Plan. Furthermore, both the scale and massing of the proposed development are excessive and do not respect the character, rhythm and layout of neighbouring buildings, contrary to Policy ST3(a) and ST3(c) of the LDC Local Plan. In addition, the changes proposed to the rear elevations, which would be visible from Grange Road, do not respect the character of neighbouring buildings in the Conservation Area, contrary to Policy H5 of the LDC Local Plan. The Society therefore considers that planning permission should be refused.

SDNP/14/05918/FUL & SDNP/14/05988/LIS: Shelleys Hotel, 135 – 136 High Street.
Removal of existing boundary walls to front elevation of car park, construction of new boundary walls incorporating entrance and exit gates.

The Friends of Lewes Society has no objection in principle to the proposed new boundary walls. However, it has concerns that they would result in a severe change to the existing street scene. A lower wall topped with metal railings, similar to that bordering Southover Grange Gardens, allowing views through to the hotel would be preferable. It also considers that in order to prevent traffic congestion, the wall should be set back at the entrance to allow vehicles to stop off the road in front of the gates.

SDNP/15/00150/HOUS: 41 Grange Road
Replacement of existing single storey garage with a two storey building for use as pottery studio and office accommodation.

The Friends of Lewes Society objects to the proposed development which is out of keeping with neighbouring buildings in St Pancras Road, contrary to Policy ST3(a) of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. The roof pitch is too steep and at right angles to those in St Pancras Road; it should run parallel to the neighbouring properties. The Society considers the design inconsistent with a building that is incidental to the enjoyment of the main dwelling house and has concerns that it could become a separate dwelling.

Week as at 3 February

SDNP/15/00336/FUL: Dripping Pan , Mountfield Road.
Proposed alterations to access pathway for 3G artificial pitch approved under SDNP/14/01306/FUL.

The Friends of Lewes Society objects to the proposal to change the knee high single rail wooden fence linking the new pitch to the clubhouse shown in SDNP/14/01360/FUL drawing number L(P)002 Rev D. Drawing number 002 Rev 01 of SDNP/15/00336/FUL now shows the fence from the clubhouse to the tennis courts has been increased from knee high to a 900mm waist high. The change proposed will restrict access to public open space.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/14/06529/FUL & 06530/LIS 34 Lansdown Place.   New fascia and sign and paint shopfront.
SDNP/14/06544/LIS 16 East Street.   Retain satellite dish.
SDNP/14/06617/HOUS 28 Paddock Road.   First floor rear extension.
SDNP/14/06637/HOUS 10 Berkeley Row.   Rear extension.
SDNP/15/00004/HOUS 32 The Course.   Roof conversion with rear dormer.
SDNP/15/00010/HOUS 15 St John’s Terrace.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/15/00023/HOUS 3 Boughey Place.
SDNP/15/00084/LIS 88 High street.   Repairs to prevent ingress of water.
SDNP/14/06158/HOUS 2 Green Wall.   Demolish porch and construct extension.
SDNP/15/00193/HOUS 8 Mildmay Road.   Two storey side extension, single storey rear extension and roof conversion.
SDNP/14/00197/HOUS 49 Gundreda Road.   Office in rear garden.
SDNP/15/00121/HOUS 99 Court Road.   Replace window frames with uPVC.
SDNP/00194/ADV & 00225/LIS The Lamb, 10 Fisher Street.   Signs.
SDNP/15/00243/HOUS 38 Grange Road.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/15/00259/ADV Land Rover Caffyns Plc, Brooks Road.   Internally illuminated dealer name letters.
SDNP/15/00186/HOUS 17-18 Friars Walk.   Three new windows.
SDNP/14/065432/LIS 115 High Street.   Replace windows and door.
SDNP/15/00365/LIS 107 High Street.   Rebuild and repair walls.
SDNP/15/00366/HOUS 3 East Way.   Single storey front extension.