A fresh public face for the Friends of Lewes

The Friends of Lewes has been working on Our Public Face, a programme with the aim of communicating a clearer image of us to the local community, and obtaining a higher profile for our activities.

We engaged a mentor to help us to clarify what we wanted to achieve, and then we worked with Chamberlain-Dunn, a promotion and marketing company based in Lewes, to create a plan of action.

One result has been increased publicity for the Friends of Lewes in the local press over recent months. Our growing involvement with local schools and the planting programme by our Trees Committee as part of the Urban Arboretum project are examples of this, as is the text for a dozen fresh historic plaques, created jointly with the Town Council. In addition, the Friends of Lewes has taken over the organising of the annual Heritage Open Days in September.

FoL logoWe also wanted to improve our corporate image or logo. Our Barbican logo communicated a concern for the historic built environment of Lewes, and served us well for some decades. Our increased range of activities includes the importance of green spaces in and around the town as part of our heritage, and Chamberlain-Dunn has designed us a new logo image which we feel reflects our wider concerns, while remaining unmistakably Lewes.

An integral part of the image is the wording “KEEPING OUR TOWN SPECIAL”. We believe that most people who live here and love the town see it as a special place, perhaps in differing ways. It is a central part of our brief to retain that specialness wherever possible.

Look out for this logo in future on our stationery, on our website and later in the year, on social media and on the next wave of plaques around the town.