Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 4 November 2015

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Wednesday 4 November 2015.

Weeks as at 6, 13, 20 and 27 October and 3 November

Week as at 6 October

SDNP/15/04809/HOUS: Rebuilding and extension of existing garden boundary wall and creation of parking area. 30 South Street Lewes.
Although the current application has reduced the height of the boundary wall proposed in application SDNP/14/05802/HOUS, Friends of Lewes remains concerned that there will still be a detrimental change to the street scene in the Conservation Area, contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. It questions whether the proposal for ornamental plants to be grown on the street side of the wall is desirable or practical.

SDNP/15/04158/LIS: Re-paint front building. 15 Eastgate Street Lewes.
Friends of Lewes objects to the colour proposed as it is too bright and inappropriate for a prominent building in the Conservation Area. It considers a more muted pastel shade should be used to respect and blend in with the colours of other buildings in the area.

Week as at 13 October

SDNP/15/04302/HOUS: Remove raised patio on east face of existing building, underpin existing garden wall, erection of internal wall on south face of existing garden wall and garden room, glazed link between existing east side of building and new garden room and greenhouse on south elevation of glazed link and new room, dress lead flashing on existing East face to glazed link and from existing garden wall to new room and raise sill of one existing east facing window to line up with existing tiling line of house. Grange Lodge Eastport Lane Lewes.
The Friends of Lewes has no objection to this scheme, which has been well explained and has low impact. It comments that the white painted cladding of the new room might look better if it were to be left unpainted and left to weather naturally.

SDNP/15/04982/HOUS: Roof extension incorporating rear flat roofed dormer window and two front roof lights. 27 Baxter Road Lewes.
Friends of Lewes objects to the scale of the proposed dormer as it is too big, too wide and undermines the proportions, balance and overall character of the block of terraced houses. It considers the development proposed is contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.

SDNP/15/05013/HOUS: Erection of a single storey side extension. 38 Nevill Road Lewes.
Friends of Lewes is concerned that this is the first such side extension to this very visible row of semi detached houses at the North West entrance to Lewes. Although set back, the separate gable end elevation to the front appears incongruous when viewed as part of the full front elevation and could have been tied in better with, for example, a cat slide roof.  The proposed gable roof line bears no relation to the front gable profile. It therefore objects on the grounds that the proposed development is contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.

SDNP/15/05167/HOUS: Loft conversion including a dormer to the rear and a roof window to front elevation. 3 St Peters Place Lewes.
Friends of Lewes objects to the scale of the proposed rear dormer as it is too wide in relation to the existing roof. It also objects to the use of felt roofing material which is not sympathetic to the character of the area, contrary to policy H5 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. It considers zinc or lead roofing materials should be used in the conservation area.

SDNP/15/05103/HOUS: Demolition of rear additions, creation of a replacement structure to the rear connected to the retained fabric with a glass link and internal alterations. 62 Southover High Street Lewes.
Friends of Lewes welcomes the courage the applicants have shown to start again and produce a new design for this development. It is very different to application SDNP/14/06567/HOUS to which the Society objected. The new design is an improvement which whilst demolishing existing extensions at the rear, respects the history of the site and retains the original cottage. It has no objection to the massing of the replacement structure at the rear. The design has been undertaken well, is clearly presented and the Society supports the application in principle. Success in its implementation will depend on impeccable detailing, which should be the subject of conditions.

SDNP/15/05157/HOUS: Conversion of loft to habitable room to include side & rear dormer windows. 85 Valence Road Lewes.
Friends of Lewes objects to the scale of the proposed dormers because they are too large, too wide and undermine the proportions, balance and overall character of the house and its neighbour, contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. In addition, the drawings submitted fail to properly explain the proposals and details of the design.

Week as at 27 October

SDNP/15/03469/HOUS: Replace existing wooden fence with a brick wall. Length of new wall 35.3m, height of new wall 2m. 4 Morley Close Lewes.
Friends of Lewes considers insufficient information has been submitted with the application to justify the proposals. Details of the design, construction and materials to be used should be more fully explained. In particular, details of the brick to be used should be specified, for approval.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/15/04030/HOUS 8 St Michael’s Terrace.   Platform lift in front garden to allow disabled access.
SDNP/15/04984/FUL Skyhouse, Cuilfail.   Change of use to mixed.
SDNP/15/04850/HOUS 27 & 28 St Anne’s Crescent.   Roof extensions, single-storey side and rear extension, rear dormer and window alterations.
SDNP/15/04928/HOUS 27 St John Street. Front door.
SDNP/15/05049/HOUS 2 Park Road.   Single storey extension.
SDNP/15/05117/LIS Flat 3, Howard House, 30-31 High Street.   Replace boiler flue.
SDNP/15/03977/HOUS 63 The Avenue.   Front and rear rooflights and new rear and side ground floor windows.
SDNP/15/04571/HOUS 20 Dale Road.   Rear and side extension and internal alterations.
​SDNP/15/05668/FUL 2 De Warrenne Road.   New 3 bedroom dwelling.
SDNP/15/04929/FUL & SDNP/15/04930/LIS 4 St James Street.   Replace extension and internal alterations.
SDNP/15/04843/HOUS 88 Prince Edward’s Road.   Replace window and render rear elevation.
SDNP/15/04937/FUL Sussex Police Headquarters, Church Lane.   Additional car parking and access point, and demolish ‘H’ Block/Firearms, Driving School and Old Squash Court.
SDNP/15/04954/HOUS & SDNP/15/04955/LIS 119 High Street.   Alterations to extension and internal alterations.
SDNP/15/05169/HOUS 50 Hamsey Crescent.   Single storey front extension.
SDNP/15/05070/HOUS 28 Old Malling Way. Retain shed/studio.
SDNP/15/05168/HOUS 6 Queens Road.   Demolish outbuilding and erect to storey side extension.
SDNP/15/05255/HOUS Ord, Kingston road.   Single storey front extension and rear/side extension with new pitched roof.
SDNP/15/05264/HOUS 19 St Anne’s Crescent.   Replace front windows with wooden ones.   Repaint front and front door.
SDNP/15/05323/LIS 8 Castle Banks.   Roof and dormer repairs.
SDNP/15/05392/FUL 7 Cross Way.   Front porch.