Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 4 February 2016

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Thursday, 4 February 2016.

Weekly lists as at 12, 19 and 26 January and 2 February 2016

Weekly list as at 12 January 2016

SDNP/15/06337/FUL: Single storey rear extension, rear roof extension and associated works. 59 The Avenue Lewes.
Friends of Lewes object to the scale and massing of the proposed dormer because it is too large and intrusive in relation to the existing building. It considers the development proposed to be contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.

Weekly list as at 19 January 2016

SDNP/15/05614/FUL: Section 73A Retrospective application for erection of a wooden summerhouse. 33 Pellbrook Road Lewes.
Friends of Lewes has concerns that the proposed use of this large wooden summerhouse for reiki shares may not be an ancillary use in relation to the principal dwelling and could be open to wider public use. It considers planning conditions should ensure uses are ancillary to the main dwelling.

SDNP/15/06306/FUL: Removal of rear fire escape stairs and relocation of air conditioning units to first floor rear elevation. Nationwide Building Society 59 High Street Lewes.
Friends of Lewes welcome the removal of the rear fire escape stairs, the construction of which it objected to as an inappropriate development in the Conservation Area. However, it strongly objects to the relocation of the air conditioning units from the roof to the rear elevation of the building. The applicant has given no explanation or justification as to why this is necessary and the units would be a very visible and ugly addition in the Conservation Area. The Society considers this is contrary to policy H5 of the Lewes District Local Plan and against the principles of the draft Lewes Conservation Area Management Plan.

SDNP/15/06389/HOUS: Erection of single/two storey rear extension and single storey side extension. 24 Winterbourne Close Lewes.
Friends of Lewes object to the poorly considered design of this development, the rear elevation of which faces Winterbourne Lane. It considers the development is contrary to policy ST3 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan.

Weekly list as at 26 January 2016

SDNP/15/06476/FUL: Replace existing timber windows with PVCU windows and panels. 1-10 Downsview Broomans Lane Lewes.
Friends of Lewes object to the replacement of timber windows with PVCU windows in the Conservation Area. Although no information has been published with this application regarding their design, PVCU windows have much thicker sections than those of the timber ones being replaced. PVCU windows are not sympathetic to the character of the area and do not respect the principles of the draft Lewes Conservation Area Management Plan. As this is a modern building the Society suggests the use of slim profile, powder coated aluminium windows could be a more suitable alternative.

SDNP/16/00157/FUL: Removal of existing garage and erection of a single storey side extension with access to a lower concealed room beneath the garden terrace. 36 Fitzjohns Road Lewes.
Friends of Lewes comments that the poor drawings submitted with this application make it difficult to understand the full extent of the development proposed. It has concerns about the scale of development relative to the existing house.

SDNP/16/00156/FUL: Demolition of existing building and erection of two dwellings. The Royal British Legion Morris Road Lewes.
Friends of Lewes has no objection to the redevelopment of this site to provide much needed new housing for the town. However it objects to the design of the rear dormers which are at the same height as the main roof. They should be set down from the main ridge.

SDNP/16/00181/HOUS: Single storey rear extension, loft conversion and extension of existing garage conversion. 2 Cranedown Lewes.
Friends of Lewes has no objection to the amended application following the removal of the dormer windows from the design. However, it has concerns that the conversion of the garage to a bedroom/office that is not integral with the main house risks the creation of a new dwelling in future. Planning conditions should restrict its use to that which is incidental to the main house.

SDNP/16/00243/ADV: Section 73A Retrospective application for the retention of illuminated aluminium fascia advertisement above ground floor level. Clarkes Stationers 4 High Street Lewes.
Friends of Lewes has no objection to the retention of the new fascia signage but does object to retention of the illuminated element. It considers this aspect to be contrary to policy ST29 of the Lewes District Council Local Plan in the Conservation Area and should be permanently disconnected.

Weekly list as at 2 February 2016

SDNP/16/00268/FUL: Replacement of wooden windows with UPVC double glazed windows. Flat 13 Castle Court Spences Lane Lewes.
Friends of Lewes has no objection in principle to the replacement of windows in Castle Court but is concerned about its impact on the appearance of block of flats as a whole. Permission should only be granted if both the design and colour of windows are consistent throughout the block. Insufficient information has been submitted with the application to determine if this is the case.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/14/04299/FUL Moorings, Southerham Road.   Retain steps and landing stages.
SDNP/15/06347/CND 25 High Street.   Extend opening hours of restaurant.
SDNP/15/06415/HOUS 8 Nevill Crescent.   Replace rear extension.
SDNP/15/06426/HOUS & 06427/LIS Cottage 2, 135 High Street.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/15/06503/HOUS 31 New Road.   Rear extension and roof lights.
SDNP16/00078/ADV 96 Malling Street.   BP Garage Signs.
SDNP/15/06472/HOUS 55 Firle Crescent.   Replace front porch, new side and rear extensions.
SDNP16/00112/CND Falcon Wharf, Railway Lane.   Balcony and roof light.
SDNP/16/00134/HOUS & 00135/LIS The Red House, 67 Southover High Street.   Greenhouse and fence.
SDNP/16/00137/ADV 197 High Street (Ex. East shop).   Signs for Mint Velvet shop.
SDNP/16/00138/LIS 197 High Street.   Internal alterations.
SDNP/15/06386/FUL 20 De Montfort Road.   Replace windows.