Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 2 June 2016

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Thursday, 2nd June 2016.

Weekly lists as at 10, 17, 24 & 31 May 2016.

Weekly list as at 17 May

SDNP/16/02049/HOUS: Loft conversion incorporating rear dormer window and two rooflights to front elevation, 47 Winterbourne Close.
Friends of Lewes object to the scale of the proposed dormer which is too large, too wide, extends to the height of the ridge and undermines the proportions and balance of the existing house. It considers the development proposed is contrary to Core Policy 11 of the adopted Lewes District Local Plan.

SDNP/16/02197/FUL & SDNP/16/02198/LIS: Internal and external alterations to retain A1 shop space to ground and basement floors and create three C3 residential units.  41 Cliffe High Street.
Friends of Lewes have no objection in principle to this proposed development. However, no details are given for the new sash window on the east elevation. It considers the development, if approved, should be conditional on the window being of timber construction with traditional detailing, in accordance with the LDC Guidance Note Windows in Historic Buildings, and consistent with the aims of the Conservation Area.

Weekly list as at 24 May

SDNP/16/02317/HOUS: Insertion of dormer with timber framed casement window, relocation of bathroom door, removal of internal windows and new timber framed casement window to lower ground floor rear elevation. 7 Castle Banks.
Friends of Lewes support this application which will lead to the removal of unsightly rainwater goods. It commends the sympathetic design of the new dormer, which matches the existing one.

Weekly list as at 31 May

SDNP/16/00811/FUL: Replacement double glazed wood sash windows to ground floor and first floor front windows. 42 South Street.
Friends of Lewes object to details of the design of the replacement windows. The photograph of the front elevation of the house shows that the existing windows have traditional vertical glazing bars, consistent with those of neighbouring houses.  These are absent in the replacement windows. The Society considers traditional vertical glazing bars should be retained to maintain this unified part of the street scene, consistent with the aims of the Lewes Conservation Area Management Plan. It considers the development currently proposed is contrary to Core Policy 11 of the adopted Lewes District Local Plan.

SDNP/16/02372/FUL: Change of use of shop unit from A1 retail to B1 office. 16 Station Street.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the change of use. However, it objects to the proposed addition of decorative railings which detract from the overall design of the shop fronts and are out of keeping with the wider street scene. They would create an enclosed area which will collect rubbish and become unsightly. A more environmentally sensitive way of discouraging skateboarding and preventing window damage would be to use planters in front of the shop windows.

SDNP/16/00636/FUL: Demolition of rear extension and garage and construction of two x 2 bed houses and the refurbishment of the basement to create a 1 bed flat. 85 High Street Lewes.
Friends of Lewes have reviewed the amended plans submitted with this application. The revised proposal is not significantly different to its predecessor in that it still has a fascia at first floor level, behind which a steeply pitched roof contains two very large box dormers. These are so large that only a vestige of the pitched roof survives and the overall effect is considered to be lumpish and relates poorly to neighbouring properties. The Society therefore maintains its objection to the proposed design, whilst having no objection to the principle of redeveloping this site.

Lewes has a pressing need for more housing and its provision within existing settlements rather than in open countryside is strongly supported. This site is in the middle of the town, well connected to buses and trains and within easy walking distance of all amenities and shops. The criterion for whether proposed development is suitable therefore becomes quality; of design, detail and materials.

This stretch of Stewards Inn Lane is almost universally single storey and Friends of Lewes consider it would be enlivened by the punctuation of a well-designed two storey building, preferably with a pitched roof and drawing on the robust workshop vernacular of other buildings in the lane and elsewhere (eg Castle Ditch Lane).


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/16/01478/LIS   Riverside High Street.  Repainting and lighting.
SDNP/16/01839/HOUS    57 Russell Row. Enclose existing porch area
SDNP/16/02013/HOUS  16 Middle Way. Side and rear extension.
SDNP/16/01595/FUL & 01596/LIS   11 High Street (Nat West). Infill of light well
SDNP/16/01885/FUL   Phoenix Place.   Temporary car park.
SDNP/16/01947/FUL   1 Green Lane.   Remove greenhouse.
SDNP/16/02084/LIS   8 South Street.   Rear dormer. Replacement windows.
SDNP/16/02086/LIS   10 South Street.  Rear dormer. Replacement windows.
SDNP/16/02200/HOUS   87 Western Road. Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/16/02146/LIS   30 Sun Street.   Chimney vent terminals.
SDNP/16/02181/FUL   23 High Street. Change of use business to residential.
SDNP/16/02024/HOUS  33 The Avenue. Extension and conversion of garage.
SDNP/16/02327/HOUS   28 Southover High Street. Change colour of front door.
SDNP/16/02356/LIS   52 Southover High Street.   Internal fire doors.
SDNP/16/02399/FUL & SDNP/16/02400/LIS   210 High Street (Ivy Press) Convert commercial premises into two dwellings.
SDNP/16/02252/FUL  64 High Street. Change of use office to 5 x residential flats