Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 7 July 2016

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Thursday, 7th July 2016.

SDNP/16/00636/FUL: Construction of two x 2 bed houses and creation of 1 bed flat. 85 High Street (Rear of Lewesiana).
Friends of Lewes have reviewed the amended plans submitted with this application. The revised proposal is not significantly different to its predecessor in that it still has a fascia at first floor level, behind which a steeply pitched roof contains two very large box dormers. These are so large that only a vestige of the pitched roof survives and the overall effect is considered to be lumpish and relates poorly to neighbouring properties. The Society therefore maintains its objection to the proposed design, whilst having no objection to the principle of redeveloping this site. Lewes has a pressing need for more housing and its provision within existing settlements rather than in open countryside is strongly supported. This site is in the middle of the town, well connected to buses and trains and within easy walking distance of all amenities and shops. The criterion for whether proposed development is suitable therefore becomes quality; of design, detail and materials. This stretch of Stewards Inn Lane is almost universally single storey and Friends of Lewes consider it would be enlivened by the punctuation of a well-designed two storey building, preferably with a pitched roof and drawing on the robust workshop vernacular of other buildings in the lane and elsewhere (eg Castle Ditch Lane).


Representations made to planning applications in weekly lists as at 7, 14, 21, 28 June and 5 July.

Weekly list as at 7 June

SDNP/16/02493/LIS: Lewes Railway Station. Fit-out of existing vacant retail unit (located off of the ticket hall) as a coffee shop, and the fit-out of an existing store room (on the lower level of the station) as a store for coffee shop.
Friends of Lewes object to the generic modern design of the frontage of the retail unit which is not in keeping with the period of the station. Extensive restoration work has been undertaken to the station and completed to a high standard. Any change of use should be sympathetic and in keeping with the Victorian station design and materials.

Weekly list as at 14 June

SDNP/16/02306/HOUS: 7 Timberyard Cottages. Erection of dormer windows to front and rear, first floor window enlargement and internal works.
Friends of Lewes support the replacement of PVCu windows with timber and have no objection to the scale of the front dormer. However, the Society objects to the use of roofing felt for both dormers and consider zinc or lead materials should be used in the conservation area.  It also objects to the scale of the proposed rear dormer which is too large, too wide and undermines the proportions and balance of the existing house.

SDNP/16/02582/HOUS: 82 Queens Road. Loft conversion incorporating hip to gable roof extension and rear dormer.
Friends of Lewes object to the scale of the proposed dormer which is too large, too wide and undermines the proportions and balance of the existing block of houses. The Society considers the proposed development to be contrary to Core Policy 11 of the adopted Lewes District Local Plan.

SDNP/16/02635/HOUS: Maisonette, 31 Lansdown Place. Additional storey to rear extension, enlarged dormer window and raised section of roof to rear roofslope, raised deck and canopy at rear lower ground floor level.
The application is unclear with respect to the materials proposed to roof the dormer. Friends of Lewes consider that should permission be granted it is conditional on the use of lead or zinc roofing materials.

Weekly list as at 21 June

SDNP/16/02166/FUL: St Anne’s Church, Western Road. Proposed new boiler within the tower and boiler flue outlet to south wall of the tower.
Friends of Lewes comments that it is unfortunate that the existing chimney cannot be utilised to avoid making a new opening in the fabric of this historic building.

SDNP/16/02774/FUL: Replacement of existing timber windows. Downsview, Broomans Lane.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the replacement of timber windows with aluminium in this modern building within the conservation area. However, it objects to the extent of the sub-division of individual windows which is over elaborate and broken up. The design of the new windows should echo those of the existing ones.

SDNP/16/02739/HOUS: 34 The Avenue. Loft conversion including dormer windows to the side and rear elevations.
Friends of Lewes object to the scale of the proposed dormers which is too large, too wide and undermines the proportions and balance of the existing house. The fenestration proposed is out of proportion with existing windows. The Society considers the proposed development to be contrary to Core Policy 11 of the adopted LDC/SDNPA Joint Core Strategy.

SDNP/16/02777/HOUS: 28 St Swithuns Terrace. Erection of garden studio.
Friends of Lewes have no objection in principle the proposed development. However, the Society questions whether a GRP roof is appropriate in the conservation area and considers a sedum or zinc roof would be more suitable.

Weekly list as at 28 June

SDNP/16/02779/HOUS & SDNP/16/02780/LIS: 2 Priory Crescent. Demolition of existing conservatory, erection of garden room, erection of rear dormer, new basement access, rear window realignment, internal alterations.
The Friends of Lewes object to the modern design of the proposed dormer window as it considers a flat roof with overhang is inappropriate for this listed building. The detailing should be improved to ensure the design is sympathetic to the period of the existing building.

Weekly list as at 5 July

SDNP/16/03148/HOUS: 69 Winterbourne Close. Roof conversion incorporating hip to gable extension, dormer window to rear, window to flank elevation and roof-light to front roof-slope.
Friends of Lewes object to the scale of the proposed dormer which is too large, too wide, extends to the height of the ridge and undermines the proportions and balance of the existing house. It considers the development proposed is contrary to Core Policy 11 of the adopted Joint SDNPA/LDC Core Strategy.

SDNP/16/02911/FUL: Premier Inn Hotel Lewes. 10 x LED Spotlight Uplighters, flood lighting to the building elevation using up to 60 degree spread of light with a subtle wash effect. 39 Friars Walk Lewes East Sussex BN7 2LG.
Friends of Lewes strongly object to the proposed floodlighting of a building in the Conservation Area that has no historical or architectural significance and is solely for the commercial promotion of the hotel. The proposal is contrary to the aims of the SDNPA International Dark Sky Reserve and Strategic Policy SD9 of the SDNPA Local Plan: Preferred Options. The proposed floodlighting would be harmful to the character and appearance of the Lewes Conservation Area and does not support the principles set out in the Lewes Conservation Area Management Plan. The Society considers the application should be refused as it is contrary to policies Core Policy 11 of the adopted LDC/SDNPA Joint Core Strategy and advice contained within the Lewes District Council’s Planning Advice Note ‘Shopfronts and Advertisements in Lewes’.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/16/01966/HOUS  10 Mill Road. Single storey rear extension and revised parking area
SDNP/16/02522/HOUS  11 Mount Harry Road. Erection of a side/rear extension with bi-folding door
SDNP/16/02547/FUL  35 King Henrys Road. Demolition of existing external wall and erection of new
SDNP/16/02610/HOUS  2 The Avenue. Replace front bay with gable front, rebuild garage
SDNP/16/02624/LIS  1 Keere Street. Internal alterations to layout of ground floor
SDNP/16/02631/LIS  6 Eastgate Street. Refurbishment & painting of windows and front door
SDNP/16/02632/HOUS  8 South Street. Rear dormer, replacement of existing window with No 10
SDNP/16/02637/HOUS  10 South Street. Rear dormer, replacement of existing window
SDNP/16/02663/HOUS  34 The Avenue. Single storey rear extension
SDNP/16/02693/HOUS  3 The Martlets. Erection of garden shed
SDNP/16/02268/HOUS  10 The Nurseries. Insertion of two skylight windows to the west pitch of roof
SDNP/16/02609/HOUS  12 Eastport Lane. Single storey rear extension, rear conservation roof lights
SDNP/16/02639/HOUS  24 Highdown Road. Erection of a rear extension
SDNP/16/02752/FUL  Wallands Community Primary School, Gundreda Road. Internal alterations
SDNP/16/02824/HOUS  8 Queens Road. Two-storey side, single-storey rear extensions, dormer window
SDNP/16/02980/FUL  Flat 33, Heron Court, Ousedale Close. Change communal area to new flat
SDNP/16/02587/HOUS  77 New Road. Paint front door black, removal of ornamental walls
SDNP/16/02611/HOUS  13 West Street. Erection of a single storey extension
SDNP/16/02808/ADV  3 High Street. Erection of two non-illuminated signs and digital flank
SDNP/16/02869/HOUS  11A Prince Edwards Road. Amend planning approval SDNP/15/00897/HOUS, consisting of front extension and alterations to windows
SDNP/16/02892/FUL  6 Eastgate Street. Change of use to include drinking establishment in addition to existing use
SDNP/16/02924/HOUS  17 Beckett Way. Erection of a rear extension.
SDNP/16/02981/LIS & SDNP/16/02999/HOUS  1 Garden Cottages, Castle Banks. Replacement of attic dormer casements, basement back door, installation of secondary glazing
SDNP/16/02947/HOUS  Brandon , Kingston Road. Removal of existing UPVC conservatory and wooden balcony and replacement with new brick balcony to match existing building
SDNP/16/02970/HOUS  3 De Warrenne Road. Reconstruction of garage with duo-pitched roof
SDNP/16/02977/HOUS  13 Eastport Lane. Ground floor rear extension, first floor rear extension
SDNP/16/02978/HOUS  6 Hamsey Crescent. Erection of a first floor side extension over existing SDNP/16/03054/HOUS
SDNP/16/03054/HOUS  13 St Johns Terrace. Repainting front of house
SDNP/16/03176/HOUS  11A Southover High Street. Relocation of front door, new window to ground floor, replacement dormer window frames
SDNP/16/03202/FUL  Units 7 to 8, Cliffe Industrial Estate. Change of use to a bus depot (Compass)
SDNP/16/03207/HOUS  47 New Road. Insertion of roof-lights and single storey extensions to rear
SDNP/16/03250/HOUS  26 Cranedown. Extension to existing dormer