Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 5 January 2017

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on Thursday, 5 January 2017.

Representations made to planning applications in weekly lists as at 6, 13, 20 and 28 December

Week as at 6 December

SDNP/16/04551/ADV: Erection of additional high-level sign. Premier Inn The Old Courthouse Court Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the internal illumination of the proposed sign. Planning policy aimed at preserving the character and appearance of the Lewes Conservation area has not allowed internally illuminated signage as is demonstrated by adjacent premises. The signage proposed would be harmful to the character and appearance of the Lewes Conservation Area and does not support the principles set out in the Lewes Conservation Area Management Plan. The Society considers this aspect of the application should be refused as it is contrary to policies Core Policy 11 of the adopted LDC/SDNPA Joint Core Strategy. The Society has no objection to externally illuminated signs.

SDNP/16/05882/FUL: Change of use from A2 (bank/professional services) to C3 (residential) on first and second floors, change of use from A2 (bank/professional services) to A3 (restaurant) on basement and ground floors, minor internal alterations to listed structure on ground/basement along with additional extract and soil pipe to first floor flat roof. 82 High Street.
82 High Street is significant historical building and is currently on the Friends of Lewes “Buildings at risk list” due to its growing dereliction since Lloyd Bank vacated the building. The development proposed involves very little change to the external appearance of this listed building and the Society has no objection to the proposed change of use. It welcomes development proposals that will bring about its restoration. The Standing Building Survey (SBS) provides a benchmark for the historic significance of this Listed Building and the rare original building’s Georgian features that have survived unchanged. It is important that any redevelopment respects and conserves the original features noted within the SBS and if possible restores any original features that have been lost. Residential accommodation on both the first and second floors is supported in principle, but only as one unit as it would not be possible to sub-divide the accommodation due to the historic significance of the individual features and there being only one separate point of access. No details have been provided in relation to the feasibility of converting the upper floors for residential use with the provision of the necessary kitchen and bathroom facilities. If permission is granted, the Society believes it should be conditional on further detailed plans for the proposed residential conversion being submitted for public consultation.

Week as at 13 December

SDNP/16/05901/FUL: Removal of existing slate hanging above entrances and walkways and replacement with cement based boarding. Greyfriars Court, Court Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposal to replace some of the existing hanging slates on this building with cement based boarding.  Hanging slates have been extensively used in this part of Lewes and in particular on the nearby Stricklands Warehouse which faces the river. Furthermore, the new Falcon Wharf development immediately adjacent to the Stricklands Warehouse, currently under construction, has hanging slates on the main elevation facing Greyfriars Court. With regard to Greyfriars Court itself, slates are used extensively throughout, not only as hanging slates above the entrances and walkways but also on the sides of the existing dormers and as a roofing material. The use of ‘cement based boarding’ would introduce a new and contrasting material in a rather ‘ad hoc’ manner across the elevations throughout the development.  The Society considers that the loss of the existing hanging slates and their replacement by ‘cement based boarding’ would be unacceptable and the application should be refused.

SDNP/16/05778/FUL: Demolition of the existing building, which is currently B1 office use, and erection of five-bedroom house with double garage. Hanover House, Timberyard Lane.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to this proposed development and consider it to be an imaginative design solution for this particular site.

Week as at 28 December

SDNP/16/06217/HOUS: Erection of two storey side/front extension and single storey rear extension. 38 Hamsey Crescent.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the development proposed but comment that the front and rear elevations would look better if the height of the ridge of the extension roof matched that of the existing neighbour’s extension.

SDNP/16/06345/HOUS: Loft conversion with installation of dormer to rear elevation and replacement of door with glazed timber door. Wayside Malling Hill.
Friends of Lewes commend the design of the dormer window which compliments the existing house.


The Committee inspected the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/16/05896/HOUS & 05964/LIS Brooklands, 26 Southover High Street.   Paint front door blue.
SDNP/16/05856/LIS & 06124/ADV 46 High Street (Cheese Please).   Retain fascia sign.
SDNP/16/05967/HOUS 4 Barn Hatch Close.   Single storey rear extension, window and door.
SDNP/16/05989/HOUS 18 Hamsey Crescent.   First floor side extension.
SDNP/16/06004/LIS 49B Cliffe High Street. Retentions of meter box.
SDNP/16/06293/HOUS 41 The Avenue. Reconstruct bay window.
SDNP/16/06213/HOUS By The Way, Bradford Road.   Single storey side extension.
SDNP/16/06170/ADV 16 West Street.   Paint existing signs and new hanging sign.
SDNP/16/06238/HOUS Garages adjacent to 4 Elm Grove.   Replace doors.
SDNP/16/06259/HOUS 12 Eastport Lane.   Revise roof of rear extension.
SDNP/16/06291/HOUS 74 Prince Edward’s Road.   Side and rear extensions.
SDNP/16/06016/LIS & SDNP/26/06317/LDE 34-35 High Street (above Sussex Stationers).   Continue to use first, second and third floors as flats.
SDNP/16/06368/HOUS Saxon Down, Cuilfail.   Roof and side extensions.