Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 2 March 2017

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 2 March 2017 and Executive Committee held on 15 March 2017.

Representations made following the Executive Committee:

SDNP/17/00280/ADV: Installation of 1 decorated sign, 1 halo illuminated sign, 2 traditional awnings, 2 internally illuminated menu boxes, 1 externally illuminated projecting sign. 82 High Street. (Cote restaurant in Lloyds Bank building).
Friends of Lewes support the refurbishment and restoration of this important building in the upper High Street, which has been greatly neglected in recent years. However, it objects to a number of aspects of the proposed advertisement signage. It considers permission for halo lighting and internally illuminated signage should be refused; historically internally illuminated signs have not been allowed in the Conservation Area and it would set a precedent in the upper High Street. The butcher’s awnings are inappropriate to the style of the Georgian building, which was originally a house, not a shop. Painting the lower part of the front elevation in a two tone grey is not supported as it is inappropriate for the style of building. Finally the Society objects to the large hand painted sign on the upper residential part of the building which it considers inappropriate and too dominant

SDNP/17/00387/HOUS: Amendment to include 24 new dwellings, Land at Southdowns Road.
In its representations to SDNP/15/01303/FUL Friends of Lewes said the Society would prefer the whole of the site to be used for housing development. It therefore supports the proposed substitution of commercial floor space with 24 flats. It also considers the changes proposed to the elevations will bring about an overall improvement to the development.

SDNP/16/06136/FUL: Construction of manege. The Oaks, The Motor Road, Old Racecourse.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposed manege which it considers will have an adverse impact on the landscape contrary to Core Policy 10 of the adopted Lewes District Local Plan Joint Core Strategy which aims to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area. The Society also has concerns that the proposed development represents creeping urbanisation outside the existing development boundary and, if granted, could set a precedent for further development in the area.

Representation made following the Planning Committee, for weeks ending 7, 14, 21 and 28 February 

Week ending 7 February

SDNP/17/00004/HOUS: Erection of a single storey extension and dormer enlargement to the rear, insertion of conservation rooflight into roof facing street.  9 St Swithuns Terrace.
Friends of Lewes object to the design of dormer window which, despite being smaller that of the neighbouring house, is too large and out of proportion with the existing roof. The Society also considers that single layer polymeric roofing material should not be used in the Conservation Area; zinc or lead should be used.

Week ending 14 February

SDNP/17/00398/FUL: Erection of additional floor to existing building. 40-42 Friars Walk.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposal to extend the existing roof because it considers the scale and massing to be excessive. The proposed design, which includes a second row of dormer windows, is inappropriate within the context of the Conservation Area. The vast area of roof generated by the development would be very obvious from Chapel Hill and Cuilfail.

Week ending 21 February

SDNP/17/00499/FUL: Proposed horticulture unit.  Waitrose Eastgate Street.
Friends of Lewes object to this application for units that are already in place. The horticulture units contribute to the generally cluttered appearance outside the store and make access between the car park and the main entrance difficult to traverse for wheel chairs, buggies and rollators.

SDNP/17/00756: Erection of first floor extension, roof extension, rear dormer, rear single storey extension and porch. 8 Cranedown.
Friends of Lewes object to the extent of this proposal. In particular the dormer is too big and does not complement the existing property. The roof of the dormer goes up to the ridge of the main roof and should be set down from the roof ridge so that the roofline is retained, unaltered.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/16/06359/FUL 39 Friars Walk.   Change use first floor to residential and alterations to roof.
SDNP/17/000315/HOUS 17 Dorset Road.   Side/rear single storey extension.
SDNP/17/00319/HOUS 7 Wallands Crescent.   Ground floor rear extension.
SDNP/17/00356/HOUS 34 Fitzjohns Road.   Rebuild side extension and erect single storey rear extension.
SDNP/17/00364/HOUS 48 Cross Way.   Two storey rear extension.
SDNP/17/00393/HOUS & 00394/LIS 28 Sun Street.   Replace roof and repair dormer and chimney.
SDNP/17/16/06230/FUL & 06231/LIS 38 High Street.   Retain two heat pumps.
SDNP/17/00350/HOUS 4 St John’s Terrace.   Rear extension to basement with balcony over.
SDNP/17/00445/HOUS 18 North Way.   Side and rear extension.
SDNP/17/00448/HOUS 4 Manor Terrace.   Loft conversion.
SDNP/17/00449/HOUS 40 King Henry’s Road.   Replace windows.
SDNP/17/00613/FUL 7 South Way.   Single storey rear extension with minor internal remodelling.
SDNP/17/00342/FUL 3 Pelham Terrace.   Replace conservatory with rear extension replace two windows and install wood burner and flue.
SDNP/17/00471/FUL Cliffe Business Centre, Rusbridge Lane.   Change use of ground floor to clinic.
SDNP/17/00704/LIS 137 High Street.   Convert west wing of loft to offices.
SDNP/17/00737/HOUS 24 Landport Road.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/17/00775/FUL Land adjacent to Hanover House, Timberyard Lane.   Erect townhouse with garage, off-street parking and roof terrace.
SDNP/17/00789/HOUS 17 Mount Harry Road.   Single storey infill extension and rear conservatory.
SDNP/17/00889/CND Civic Amenity Site, Ham Lane.   Amendment of operating hours.
SDNP/17/00988/HOUS 1 Farncombe Road.   New side window.
SDNP/16/06137/FUL Gallops Rails, Old Racecourse