Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 2 November 2017

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Executive Committee held on 15 November 2017

SDNP/17/05108/ADV: Blue vinyl applied to window with welcome panel. 14 Eastgate Street. (Boots)
Friends of Lewes object to the vinyl panel signage proposed, which is unattractive and does nothing to enhance the street scene in the Conservation Area.

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 2 November 2017

SDNP/17/03809/ADV: Installation of 1 No. hanging sign and 2 No. new fascia signs. Unit 1 Friars Court Friars Walk (Fuego Lounge).
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the signage that has already been installed. However the Society notes that drawing No. LNG3697.04C includes a specification for the lettering “to have concealed ‘halo’ Illumination”. The Society objects to internally illuminated signage in the Conservation Area and considers it contrary to Development Management Policy SD52: Shop Fronts of the South Downs National Park Local Plan Pre-submission, which is a material consideration. Paragraph 3 of this policy has a presumption against internally illuminated signage / logos. Permission, if granted, should be conditional on the signage not being illuminated internally.

SDNP/17/04717/HOUS: Replacement of UPVC windows with timber windows. 17 Cleve Terrace.
Friends of Lewes commend and support the replacement of the uPVC windows with the timber windows proposed.

SDNP/17/05039/HOUS: Hip to gable loft conversion with full width rear dormer. 23 South Way.
Friends of Lewes object to the hipped to gable end conversion which detracts from the overall character of the area and destroys the symmetry of the pair of houses. The roof dormer is too large and out of proportion with the existing building, contrary to policy ST3 (Design, Form and Setting of Development) of the Lewes District Council Local Plan. The elevated corner site is visible from the street on three sides and from surrounding downland and should be considered in the context of the South Downs National Park Local Plan Pre-submission. The Society considers the development proposed fails to integrate with, respect and sympathetically complement the landscape character contrary to Strategic Policy SD5 of the plan (Design), which adds weight to the Society’s objection.

SDNP/17/04955/ADV: Erection of a 3m x 1m banner. North Corner 1 Prince Edwards Road.
Friends of Lewes support the continued provision of residential care at North Corner and commend the improvement in the CQC rating reported. However, the banner is not in keeping with the residential area and inappropriate in the Conservation Area with respect to size and materials. (Objection)


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/17/04531/LIS 182 High Street.   Replace and enhance fire alarms, new heating and ventilation plant.
SDNP/17/04637/ADV Street Record, Styles Field.   Sign board.
SDNP/17/04843/HOUS 66 Houndean Rise.   Replace two extensions, demolish conservatory, new bay window and garden office.
SDNP/17/04980/FUL 182 High Street.   Window louvre.
SDNP/17/04629/HOUS 133 High Street.   Replace render, guttering, door and window frames.
SDNP/17/04809/FUL Waitrose, Eastgate Street.   Modify car park entrance, road markings, decorations to canopy, shop front, escape doors and shutter housing, metal works.
SDNP/17/04957/HOUS 67A Houndean Rise.   Verandah and terrace to rear and side.
SDNP/17/05130/FUL Western end of Priory School Playing Fields.   Portable building.
SDNP/17/04936/HOUS & 04937/LIS 62 Southover High Street.   Retain trellis.
SDNP/17/05224/LIS 8 & 10 South Street.   Alter internal doors and insert 2 rooflights.
SDNP/17/04775/HOUS 109 South Street.   Single storey first floor rear extension with rooflight.
SDNP/17/04876/FUL Land between 44 and 46, Morris Road.   Erect 2 bedroom dwelling.
SDNP/17/05326/FUL & 05328/LIS Bull House, 92 High Street.   Change use of flat to office.




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