Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 1 February 2018

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 1 February 2018.

Weeks ending 9, 16, 23 and 30 January 2018

Week ending 9 January

SDNP/17/06152/HOUS: Section 73A retrospective application for replacement of basement bay window with double-glazed plastic windows. 18 St Johns Terrace.
Friends of Lewes object to the replacement of traditional timber windows with uPVC in the Conservation Area. Although the windows are in the basement they are clearly visible when walking past the front of the house. Despite the traditional design of the windows the materials used are inappropriate in the Conservation Area and detract from the overall character of the building. The Society is also concerned that should consent be granted it could set a precedent which would lead to wider uPVC creep.

SDNP/17/06257/FUL, SDNP/17/06258/LIS: Retention of change of colour of painted front elevation from light grey to black. 9 East Street.
9 East Street is part of an intact Grade 2 listed terrace of houses with mathematical tiles and this application has been considered in the context of its wider setting within the overall terrace. Friends of Lewes object to the black paint which it considers is too stark a contrast and out of character with the appearance of the rest of the terrace.

Week ending 23 January

SDNP/17/06108/HOUS: Replace existing timber framed windows and doors with PVCu windows and doors in Rosewood woodgrain. 8 Southcliffe.
Friends of Lewes object to the replacement of timber windows with uPVC in the Conservation Area. The development was originally constructed with timber windows, which is an appropriate material in the Conservation Area, and timber windows should be retained.

Week ending 30 January

SDNP/17/06268/FUL, SDNP/17/06269/LIS: Internal and external building alterations (part 73A retrospective). 48 Cliffe High Street.
Friends of Lewes support the replacement of the uPVC windows, which were installed without consent, with traditional sash window containing separate glazing bars. However it objects to the design of the other casement windows shown in the application which contain top hung ventilators. Windows of this design are not found in neighbouring buildings in the Conservation Area and are inappropriate. The Society considers symmetrical casement windows with two equally sized side hung sashes and no top lights would be appropriate for this building.

SDNP/18/00055/FUL: Change of use to the basement floor from ancillary office (B1a) to leisure uses (D1/D2). 40 – 42 Friars Walk.
Friends of Lewes have no objection in principle to the proposed change of use provided it is for the sole use of the residents of the building and is not open to the public. The application is not clear in this respect and the Society would object to the development of a public facility without an assessment of its impact on the existing car parking capacity in the area. Should permission be granted the Society would ask that it is conditional on it being restricted to use by residents only.

SDNP/18/00160/ADV, SDNP/18/00162/LIS: New signage with illumination. The Royal Oak 3 Station Street.
Friends of Lewes do not object to the proposed new signage. However the Society objects to the floodlighting of the front elevation of the building. It considers that general floodlighting and other forms of façade and shopfront lighting are unacceptable in the Conservation Area as it can undermine the historic character. It also considers the floodlights proposed are contrary to Strategic Policy SD8 Dark Night Skies of the SDNPA Pre-submission Local Plan as they could cause light pollution, are not necessary and are inappropriate.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/17/06527/HOUS  7 Hamsey Crescent. Single storey garden studio.
SDNP/17/06425/FUL  47 Western Road. Change of use from B1 (offices) to D2 (leisure).
SDNP/17/06483/LIS  23 Abinger Place. Retention of reinstatement works.
SDNP/18/00060/HOUS  Hill House, Juggs Road. Ancillary gardening and log store.
SDNP/17/05703/HOUS  35 Hamsey Crescent. Retrospective application for conversion of garage to habitable accommodation, single storey extensions to rear, side of garage and front elevation.
SDNP/17/06050/HOUS  3 Castle Terrace, New Road. Roof light to front, replacement sash window at rear with French doors.
SDNP/17/06487/FUL  4 Morley Close. Double carport and garden shed.
SDNP/18/00264/FUL  Nought, South Way. Retrospective application for retention of dwelling as built, including discharge of previous imposed conditions.