Lewes Heritage Open Days, 6-9 September 2018

Heritage Open Days celebrates England’s architecture and culture by offering free access to properties that are usually closed to the public, or charge for admission.

Eighteen historic Lewes buildings and tours will be accessible over this long weekend. Some are not normally open to the public, and for others, their usual entry charge has been waived for this event.

There are a range of guided tours, and for some, advance booking is essential.

Booking opens on 16 July 2018. Please book by 3 September 2018 for all tours except for: Lewes Prison (book by 1.9.18 – NB already fully booked, 30.7.18), the Police Headquarters (by 30.8.18), Lewes Town Hall (by 4.9.18), and Barbican House Library (by 5.9.18) – please check the booking page for details.

Brochure, full details, and how to book your place for tours 

An opportunity not to be missed!

HOD 2018 Lewes

Southover Grange, Heritage Walks, Police Headquarters

Lewes Heritage Open Days is organised by the Friends of Lewes