Lewes History Group talk: Mill Road, Malling: Street Story – Monday 11 January 2021, 7:20 for 7:30pm start

A Zoom Webinar

Chris Taylor: Lewes Street Stories – Mill Road, Malling

The story of Mill Road, Malling is about the development of its industries and buildings alongside meeting the people who have lived and worked there since the 16th Century. In this talk Chris Taylor will present the findings of his recent investigation into the history of Mill Road, the latest in Lewes History Group’s ‘Street Stories’ series.

The street got its name from an imposing windmill that was present from at least the late 16th Century until it was destroyed by fire in 1908. A laundry overlapped with the mill and flourished for 40 years at the bottom of the road, where the flats now stand. It too burnt to the ground in 1941.

Generations of families have lived in Malling Hill Villas, an Edwardian terrace, built on the mill land. Facing them, a street of mixed council-built and private housing was developed in the 1920s and 1930s. Chris Taylor comments, “Over the years Mill Road has been home to millers on the fiddle, at least one Mayor of Lewes, wartime evacuees and a troupe of travelling players. I hope the audience will enjoy finding out about this small street’s past as I have.”

Malling Windmill and Mill House from The Wallands, c. 1858-1868
Malling Windmill and Mill House from the Wallands, c. 1858-1868
Cropped image reproduced with permission of Sussex Archaeological
Society Ltd.

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