Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 4 November 2021

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 4 November 2021: 

SDNP/21/04794/FUL: Proposed office and ancillary facilities to support business on site. The Forecourt Court Road Car Park Court Road.
Friends of Lewes support the principle of vehicle hire as a way of reducing car ownership in Lewes. However, this site is allocated for housing in the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan and has planning permission for nine dwellings under SDNP/16/01618/FUL. The Society objects to the proposed development which it considers to be inappropriate in the context of the adjacent Conservation Area and because it is contrary to the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan.

SDNP/21/04807/HOUS: Internal alterations and installation of new rooflight. 80B High Street.
Friends of Lewes comment that further details of the rooflight proposed should be provided.

SDNP/21/05231/HOUS: loft conversion with front rooflights and rear dormer, basement extension and internal alterations. 13 Mount Pleasant.
Friends of Lewes support the design of the rear dormer.

SDNP/20/05799/FUL: The demolition of the Former Pells Church of England Primary School and the erection of 32 affordable residential units (Use Class C3), associated landscaping, car parking, cycle parking and all other associated works. Pells Church Of England Primary School Landport Road.
Friends of Lewes consider the revised proposal to be an improvement on its predecessor and the additional landscaping is welcomed. However, the Society disputes claims that the new scheme is landscape led. It remains a mediocre scheme that no amount of tinkering is likely to improve. The generic house designs are disappointingly poor and take no account of orientation or the specific opportunities unique to this site. The dull elevations look the same as many similar developments elsewhere using off the shelf designs. The layout is not pedestrian or bike friendly and will add 46 more vehicles to the congestion and pollution already experienced in Landport, with its single narrow vehicle access to the Offham Road. Cyclists still have no safe route into the town and the shared space proposed at the east end of the site is likely to be hazardous to children.

The back gardens of nos. 29-32 are disproportionately large (much bigger than adjacent existing gardens). If these houses were pushed back southwards, more amenity space could be given to the public realm – a screened public seating area for example. Pedestrian access from units 29-32 is blocked by a parking bay – not helpful for buggies, wheelchairs etc.

The flats remain poorly planned:

  • Flats 1-4, 9-12 have most of their habitable rooms facing north west, so will receive no sun until late afternoon.
  • The living/dining rooms in flats 15-18 similarly face north west.
  • The long entrance corridors, past bedrooms and bathroom to get to the living room, have not addressed the Society’s objection.
  • Many flats have entrance doors that open directly into the Living/Dining area without an entrance lobby – both impractical and energy wasteful.
  • Many of the flats look out onto bleak areas of tarmac and parked cars

Friends of Lewes remain disappointed that the development proposed fails to take the opportunity to deliver a high quality design, using a landscape driven approach. The Society therefore maintains its objection.

SDNP/21/05294/TCA: two yew trees; there are three yew trees in close proximity and none is flourishing as a result. I should like to fell two and replace them with other trees subject to your advice. Rotten Row House Rotten Row.
A member of the Friends of Lewes Tree Committee would be happy to arrange a visit to offer free advice on a replacement if the applicant contacts the Society via


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/21/04645/HOUS 9A St John’s Terrace.   Shed and enlarge conservatory.
SDNP/21/04762/LDE Unts 1-5, The Mallings Business Centre, 112 Malling Street.   Use of rear units 1-5 as being in use as office for over ten years.
SDNP/21/04899/TCA 3 Manor Terrace, Potters Lane. New door, decking and reconfiguration of windows.
SDNP/21/05029/HOUS & 05030/LIS Retrospective installation of lavatory, sink and storage cupboard in Chalk Gallery.
SDNP/21/05045/CND 1 East Way.   Variation of Condition 2 for application SDNP/20/05034/HOUS.   Relocate vehicle access and crossover from rear to front.
SDN/21/05068/TCA Busy Bees Nursery, St James Street.   Scoping Opinion for residential-led mixed use development at Phoenix Site, North Street.
SDNP/21/05322/HOUS 37 North Way.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/21/05372/HOUS 46 Morris Road.   Single storey rear extension, remove rear chimney, new tile hanging to front bay, replacement windows and front door.
SDNP/21/04598/HOUS 20 Fitzjohns Road.   Lean-to and garden shed.
SDNP/21/05121/HOUS 107 Spences Lane.   Side extension and landscaping garden.
SDNP/21/05313/LIS Malling House, Church Lane.   Replace four windows.

Planning Application Approved


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