Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 6 January 2022

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 6 January 2022: 

SDNP/21/05587/HOUS: Replace 6no wooden windows with white upvc windows. 30 Cluny Street.
Friends of Lewes object to the application. No elevations are shown and the sections of the proposed frames are very wide compared to the size of the original.

SDNP/21/05718/FUL: Repairs and replacement to existing post and rail wooden fence. Landport Bottom The Motor Road Old Racecourse.
Friends of Lewes support the application and commend the work being undertaken.

SDNP/21/05802/LIS: Proposed works are to remedy damp issues to the Evelyn, Ainsworth and main building rear entrance staircase, internal and external repairs at Lewes Register Office and The Sussex Guild Shop. Southover Grange Southover High Street.
Friends of Lewes comment that this application highlights the need for planned maintenance of this important historic building.

SDNP/21/06027/FUL: Creation of 6.8ha of wetland habitat on land at the north of Lewes Brooks, including the realignment of the existing Cockshut channel with the current route being infilled with spoil, a new channel created and ground works creating a series of pools and raised areas. Construction of a bund to the southern boundary of the site. Alterations to access to site to the site and creation of a circular walk with bridge crossings and some areas of paved footpath. Grazing Land adjacent Stanley Turner Recreation Ground Kingston Road.
Friends of Lewes support the principle of creating the wetland habitat. Making this area more accessible to the public is admirable as long as it does not become a manicured municipal park. The materials used for the bridge crossings and footpath need to be carefully selected to ensure that they blend in with the existing landscape. The success of the project will also depend on ensuring that funding is in place for future maintenance. It is noted that the Marsh frog (Pelophylax ridibundus) that inhabits the area was not identified in the biodiversity report.

The application has not provided a justification for filling in the existing channel which would destroy existing habitats, much used footpaths and a popular site for observing wildlife. It is disappointing that no public consultation was undertaken on this proposal. The Society considers the channels should be retained in parallel with the wetland, if possible.

SDNP/21/06047/HOUS: Replace timber fence with brick wall and erection of porch canopy. 2 Park Road.
Friends of Lewes support the replacement of the timber fence with a brick wall, subject to Highways approving widening of access and ensuring that the existing tree in the pavement is not removed.

SDNP/21/06067/HOUS: Demolition of conservatory and erection of wrap-around extension consisting of front single-storey extension, single storey rising to two-storey side extension and two-storey rear extension. 75 Highdown Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the clumsy design of the extension with the front elevations not fitting in with the existing streetscape.

SDNP/21/06143/HOUS: Single-storey front extension forming balcony above, reconstruction of rear utility space, additional second floor with associated terrace, new external cladding with integrated insulation, additional floor on garage to accommodate home office and storage. Caburn Cuilfail.
Friends of Lewes comment that there is no reasoning to explain the increase of accommodation being proposed, other than the use of an extra floor above the garage as an office. The current building has a simple and elegant design and would be spoilt by the additions being proposed. The use of another range of contrasting building and cladding materials would also introduce a cluttered appearance.

SDNP/21/06357/HOUS: Single storey side extension with alterations to fenestration. 12 Houndean Rise.
Friends of Lewes comment that this is an uninspired scheme with no details of the materials proposed provided in the application.

SDNP/21/06397/FUL: Demolition of existing building and erection of three-storey building consisting of two 2-bedroom apartments. Castle Cottage Castle Ditch Lane.
Friends of Lewes support the principle of redeveloping this site for housing. However, the proposed design is overworked and undermined by the first-floor metal cladding. The Society considers the development of a simple pair of cottages would result in a much better building.

SDNP/20/05799/FUL: The demolition of the Former Pells Church of England Primary School and the erection of 32 affordable residential units (Use Class C3), associated landscaping, car parking, cycle parking and all other associated works. Pells Church Of England Primary School Landport Road.
It would have been helpful if the applicant had submitted a document summarising the changes they have made in the latest batch of documents. Likewise, if each amended drawing highlighted these changes it would be possible to assess ‘before’ and ‘after’ views. It appears that the layouts of the affordable housing blocks have been slightly changed, also the bin and bike stores. Overall, the proposal remains remarkably similar to the earlier version upon which the Society commented that the proposal “remains a dull scheme that no amount of tinkering is likely to resolve”. They have duly tinkered but our comment remains. None of the major reasons for our objection have been addressed and we maintain our objection to this dull, derivative and ill-considered proposal.

SDNP/21/06085/TCA: T1 – Robinia pseudoacacia – remove major deadwood and dead stem from north side of tree – infected with Armillaria at base. T2 – Magnolia grandiflora – fell to ground – dead. 32 King Henrys Road.
Friends of Lewes suggest replacement of the Magnolia with a small, more resilient, tree.

SDNP/21/06277/TCA: 1 X Fir Tree to be felled to ground and not replaced 2 X Horse Chestnut to be felled to ground and not replaced. 6 De Warrenne Road.
Friends of Lewes suggest a replacement with at least one small, resilient tree.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/21/05253/FUL 171-172 High Street.   Close doorway between 171 and 172 High Street to create two independent retail units and retain change of colour to shop front of 172 High Street.
SDNP/21/05275/HOUS 2 The Riverhouses, South Street.   Wooden deck platform at river end of garden, replace fence and retain and level earthworks to create central lawn.
SDNP/21/05708/CND 11 Keere Street.   Variation of condition 2 to SDNP/18/05621/HOUS and 05738/LIS to change doors to car port, create opening to car port, install doors between dwelling and extension and internal window on rear wall to match existing window.
SDNP/21/07582/FUL Depot Cinema, Pinwell Road.   Exterior keg and laundry store.
SDNP/21/06164/HOUSJ 18 Keere Street.   Timber-framed glazed rear extenson to first floor with timber sliding doors, glass balustrade and timber decking on existing flat roof.
SDNP/21/06388/PNTEL Sussex Police HQ, Malling House, Church Lane, South Malling.   Remove 3 antennas, add 3 antennas, remove 3 RRUs and install 9 RRUs and GPS module.
SDNP/21/06398/PNTEL South Street Car Park, South Street.   1 DSLAM equipment cabinet.
SDNP/21/06412/FUL & 06413/LIS 4 Keere Street.   Retain change of colour to front door and windows.
SDNP/21/06415/PA16 Telecommunications Mast 2 at County Hall, St Anne’s Crescent.   Remove and replace 3 antennas and ancillary equipment.

Planning Application Approved

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