The Society carries out its work through various committees and working groups. The Executive Committee, who are the Society’s legal trustees, meets monthly to consider policy issues. Two General Meetings are held each year, in addition to talks on particular issues, so that members can attend and address their views to the speaker or have them considered by the Executive Committee.

The Planning Committee, some of whose members are architects, review all planning applications in Lewes and the immediate surrounding area. Comments are sent to the District Council who act on behalf of the National Park Authority and who value the contribution we make. Ad hoc working groups are also set up as required on specific issues, such as considering public consultation documents affecting Lewes. Planning Committee reports

The Events Sub-Committee manages membership matters, produces and distributes Newsletters, and makes all the arrangements for meetings and visits.

Some of the work of the Society is done outside the formal bodies by the wider membership, when members step forward to help, and this is always appreciated.

The Society’s membership is not limited to Lewes residents. A number of our members live in outlying villages and nearby towns, joining because they too value and wish to conserve or improve Lewes as a place to visit for social, employment or shopping purposes.