Current Concerns

The Society will continue to take up issues that are likely to maintain or improve the historic and environmental aspects of Lewes to the benefit of the people who live in and visit the town. Two themes of wide concern, on which the Society is likely to be engaged for more than a brief period, are preserving the beauty and character of Lewes and the South Downs around it, and making the traffic problems in the town more tolerable.

The Traffic

All the older residents state that the biggest single change in the character of Lewes in the last fifty years is the gradual dominance of the car. Thus the Society’s first ongoing concern reflects the long-standing interest of its members – and many others who live in the town – in reducing the noise, pollution and physical damage caused by the heavy flow of traffic into and through the main streets.

The Built Environment

The second ongoing theme is a continuation of a hard-fought and largely successful series of campaigns to prevent the spread of housing and supermarket development into the countryside around Lewes.

Recent papers by the Society on local issues

Friends of Lewes responses to  local Consultation papers. Where these are not yet concluded, please refer to recent Newsletters for updates.

Current Projects

The Society carries out projects which help achieve our aims to maintain, preserve and enhance the Lewes townscape.