The Built Environment

The second ongoing theme is a continuation of a hard-fought and largely successful series of campaigns to prevent the spread of housing and supermarket development into the countryside around Lewes and to argue for good design in new development which will enhance our streetscapes.

We can summarise various actions as follows:-

  1. We play an active part in commenting on the various statutory plans proposed by the relevant authorities. In particular we oppose any proposal to build on the green fields around Lewes or any major development outside the town, which might have an impact on the town.
  2. We consider carefully and make appropriate suggestions on any proposals for development in the town to ensure that it will be a worthy addition to the townscape. We monitor rigorously all the current proposals for major developments in Lewes. We review all planning applications submitted to the local authority: Planning Committee monthly reports
  3. We will oppose proposals to demolish significant buildings, unless the replacement is of an appropriate quality and appropriate design.
  4. We will press the National Park Authority to encourage enhancement and conservation of the historic buildings and street scene in the town. (See November 2009 letter to the NPA).
  5. We continue to press for shop front improvements to maintain and enhance the street scene.
  6. We support proposals that encourage better maintenance of flint walls and oppose their demolition.
  7. We are requesting that pavements in the conservation area should be of a material appropriate to the location, and restored apropriately and promptly after utility repairs. Where possible pavements should be widened to assist pedestrians: and are pressing for a standardisation of street lighting in keeping with an historic town.
  8. We are in constant dialogue with the County Highways Steward about the prompt and appropriate reinstatement of repairs to roads and pavements.
  9. We have drafted guidelines on the design of dormer windows and the design of garden rooms for further discussion with the planning departments of the District Council and the National Park. FoL guidelines
  10. We have written an explanation of the Community Infrastructure Levy, paid by developers to fund local infrastructure, as it applies in our area.

You can find updates on on-going issues in the latest Friends of Lewes Newsletters.