The Traffic

Older residents state that the biggest single change in the character of Lewes in the last fifty years is the gradual dominance of the car. Thus the Society’s  ongoing concern reflects the long-standing interest of its members – and many others who live in the town – in reducing the noise, pollution and physical damage caused by the heavy flow of traffic into and through the main streets.

We can summarise and enumerate various actions as follows:-

  1. The County Council acknowledge their decision to operate a 20mph zone in central Lewes was a result of our campaign for this and we are continuing to be involved in the consultation on its extension to the estate roads.
  2. We were consulted by the County Council throughout their drawing up of the parking scheme in Lewes and suggested some changes both in its planning stages and, as a result of experience in its operation, in the recent revisions to the scheme, and the on-going February 2017 ESCC Lewes High Street Parking Review.
  3. We worked with the County Council on plans to make Cliffe High Street more pedestrian friendly.
  4. We consider that the exit from Waitrose should be improved to enable traffic to turn right on to Phoenix Causeway, so as to avoid traffic circulating through East Street.  Any improvement should allow for a possible road into the Phoenix Quarter if development eventually takes place there.
  5. We have pressed for an integrated transport interchange at the railway station.
  6. The changed priority at the junction of West Street and Fisher Street, to reduce congestion and improve air quality in the latter, currently in operation on a trial basis, was a result on continued pressure by the Society.
  7. Through regular meetings with the County Highways team, we have contributed to the recent proposals drawing on the Local Sustainability fund in respect of cycle routes, signing for visitors and pavement improvements.
  8. We have continued to press the Highways Agency to reduce the highly unsatisfactory noise from the A27 Lewes bypass, which has been a serious concern to a large number of residents of Lewes for many years, by their resurfacing the road with a low-noise surface. They refuse to act until structural conditions necessitate it although the cost is relatively small. They will not act to reduce the speed limit, the other main factor causing the noise.

You can find updates on on-going issues in the latest Friends of Lewes Newsletters.