The Built Environment

We have listed just some of the appealing features of present-day Lewes resulting from our campaigns, and restorations over the last fifty years:-

  1. The Old Candle and Needle Factory: we campaigned to save this building from demolition and it is now a successful complex of specialist craft studios and shops.
  2. The Railway Land: we played an active part in preventing this Railway Land – now a Nature Reserve – from being developed, when proposals included a big superstore and car park. We supported the imaginative project of building the Linklater Pavilion there as an interpretation centre and base for local activities.
  3. Eastgate House, Fitzroy House, and the Pelham Arms: we objected to the threatened demolition of these buildings and encouraged proposals that conserved them.
  4. Love Lane Tree Belt: we bought this prominent belt of trees above Winterbourne Close in order to preserve it as woodland and a visual amenity. After many years of maintaining it we gave it to the Lewes Town Council who will continue its maintenance.
  5. New Library: we worked with the architects to produce a more sympathetic design.
  6. We worked with the South Downs Campaign, and helped them financially, to have Lewes included in the new South Downs National Park.
  7. Projects:
    We have been instrumental in making numerous minor improvements to the street scene. These include working with the Town Council on restoring the sign of the White Lion in Westgate Street; rebuilding the medieval Tilting Green Wall; restoring the Pinwell Fountain; and restoring the wall and railings around the Grange Gardens.Tilting Green Wall
    We have supported other environmental projects in the town such as the purchase of Baxter’s playing field.We have promoted tourism to the town by providing maps for the information boards around the town, and by working with the Town Council to extend the number of historical plaques.