Dormer Windows: Friends of Lewes Planning Advice Note, March 2017

The Friends of Lewes has become increasingly concerned at the proliferation of planning applications for dormer windows, as the cumulative effect can lead to an adverse impact on the street scene.

As there is no formal policy for such windows each planning application has to be treated on its merits and the Society considers that there should be some guidelines as to what is acceptable and what is not.

In August 2014 Friends of Lewes drafted guidelines on the design of dormer windows to address concerns that unsightly large dormers constructed under permitted development before the formation of the South Downs National Park were contrary to the aims of the National Park. Such development now requires planning permission and in March 2017 the Friends of Lewes further developed and reviewed its guidance note in the light of subsequent planning decisions with the aim of influencing how local planning authorities determine new planning applications for dormer windows.

Dormer Windows: Friends of Lewes Planning Advice Note, March 2017 [pdf 800kb]

Dormer Windows in Lewes

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Friends of Lewes Planning Guiding Principles