Shopfronts in Lewes: Planning Advice Note, September 2016

The quality and character of the townscape in Lewes has long been recognised as very special. The historic core of the town was designated a Conservation Area in 1970, and many buildings are ‘listed’ as being of architectural and historic interest.

Shopfronts are an important part of the street scene in the centre of Lewes, both individually and collectively. The design of shopfronts can present many problems and there are invariably many conflicting requirements to take into account: design factors need to be balanced against the requirements of a particular business.  Lewes is not a museum but a town that relies upon its successful businesses to maintain its historic buildings.

A Planning Advice Note has been prepared by the Friends of Lewes, the Lewes civic society.  It is based on a Planning Advice Note on Shopfronts and Advertisements in Lewes published by Lewes District Council in 1992, which has stood the test of time very well. However, since 1992 there have been some changes, such as the establishment of the South Downs National Park.

The Friends of Lewes has therefore prepared Shopfronts in Lewes as a revised version of the advice note.  In due course, the Society would like to see this document adopted by the National Park Authority and formally incorporated into the South Downs Local Plan as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

This advice note is intended to be of assistance to local traders, building owners and developers in Lewes who are planning work to shopfronts or to erect related signs and advertisements.

shopfront-of-175-high-street, Lewes
Shopfront of 175 High Street, Lewes

Shopfronts in Lewes: Planning Advice Note, September 2016 [pdf 1.8MB]

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