Welcome! This site is about the Friends of Lewes – the civic society of our historic town.

The Friends of Lewes was founded in 1952. It is a registered charity (No. 258756). Our constitutional aims are to stimulate public interest in the beauty, history and character of the town of Lewes and its surrounding area; and to organise concerted action for protecting and enhancing the townscape and for preserving free access to the surrounding area.

Our Activities

The British Archaeological Society classified Lewes as one of 51 towns in the British Isles worthy of special attention. The Friends of Lewes Society’s activities have played a major part in ensuring that the town retains that special classification despite constant pressure to develop the town.


The Society carries out its work through various committees and working groups.


If our aims and achievements match your feelings about Lewes, you can join us via our Membership page.