A Flood Free Future for Lewes

This is a Friends of Lewes initiative in support of measures necessary to avoid future surface water flooding in Lewes.

In line with our current Goals of improving the environment and mitigating the risks resulting from Climate Change along with increasing flows of surface runoff, the Friends of Lewes will work with partners in support of the measures agreed by the risk management authorities (RMAs).

We welcome the new Environment Agency (2020) – National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England, with its key long term aims of:

  • enabling development of climate resilient places which avoid inappropriate floodplain development and use nature based solutions to address surface water runoff local to its source
  • ensuring new developments and infrastructure are resilient to flooding
  • developing communities ready and able to respond and adapt to flooding

The following links may be helpful in obtaining information on related topics:

1. National Flood Forum
A charity providing support for people at risk of flooding

2. Floodline for the Lower Ouse (Government Flood Warning System)
Provides current flood warning status for Lewes, and long and short term flood risks

3. Flood Resilience

4. Reports

Chatham House (2021) – Climate Change Risk Assessment 2021. Compounding risks with devastating impacts unless action is taken immediately.

Environment Agency (2009) River Ouse Catchment Flood Management Plan
Flood risk management policies for Lewes.

East Sussex County Council (Final Draft v3 Sept 2017) – Lewes Stage 1 Surface Water Management Plan
Actions for alleviating surface water flood risk in Lewes.

Environment Agency (2020) – National Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Strategy for England
Strategy for all risk management authorities incl the Environment Agency, lead local flood authorities, district councils, highways authorities and water and sewerage companies along with individuals, communities, businesses and infrastructure providers.

5. Flood Insurance

Memorandum of understanding between Government and Association of British Insurers 27 June 2013:

6. Climate Change Impact in the UK