The Friends of Lewes communicates its activities to members and the public using Facebook as well as our website. In addition, we raise issues and report on progress in our regular Newsletters and an Annual Report.

Our Planning Committee scrutinises planning applications and submits comments to the authorities. These are summarised in the monthly Planning Committee Reports. We also publish our responses to public consultations run by the local authorities on planning matters affecting Lewes.

We have written or updated Advice Notes on design of dormer windows, shopfronts, and garden rooms which incorporate the guiding principles for use in Conservation Areas.

We celebrate Lewes’ buildings of note, many of which can be visited on Heritage Open Days, and have listed Lewes’ many historical plaques, which inform visitors and residents of historic points of interest and help to bring our history to life.

We publish books about Lewes, and offer a range of merchandise with a Lewes flavour.