Natural Environment Projects

Friends of Lewes projects relating to the environment include:

Railway Land

We played an active part in preventing what is now a local nature reserve from being developed, when proposals included a big superstore and car park.  We supported the imaginative project of building the Linklater Pavilion there as an interpretation centre and base for local activities.




Love Lane Tree Belt

Love Lane Lewes tree beltWe bought this prominent belt of trees above Winterbourne Close in order to preserve it as woodland and a visual amenity.  After many years of maintaining it we gave it to Lewes Town Council who continue its maintenance.

The tree belt is approximately marked in red



Peace Garden (formerly The Magic Circle) above Castle Ditch Lane

Lewes Peace Garden planPlans are being prepared for the possible restoration of this space beside a town centre footpath which was once part of the ornamental garden of Castlegate House, and included a fountain and stone seating.  It could become a Peace Garden and will ideally be completed in time for the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in June 2019.

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