About Us

Who we are

The Friends of Lewes, founded in 1952, is the Lewes Civic Society, a registered charity (No. 258756) with over 400 members.  Although wholly independent, we are allied to the national organization Civic Voice, a national umbrella body for similar groups.

Our mission is to conserve and enhance the key aspects of the town – its history, distinctive buildings and the natural environment.  We aim to keep Lewes special.

How we are run

  • Constitution: Our Constitution sets out our objectives and goals.
  • Our 2020 Goals: Tangible objects based on our Constitutional goals, to help focus attention and energy, and convey our value and purpose to the residents of Lewes. Goals for 2020 and beyond
  • Meetings and talks: We hold an Annual General Meeting, providing a formal opportunity to allow members to put their views forward. In addition, we arrange talks on a wide range of topics relating to Lewes. These events are listed in the Diary.
  • Publications and Merchandise: From time to time, we produce publications about Lewes. We also offer a range of merchandise with a Lewes flavour.

Join us

We invite you to become a member, whether you live or work in Lewes, or just enjoy visiting our town.

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