Photography Competition: Trees in the Lewes Townscape

As part of its Lewes Urban Arboretum project, The Friends of Lewes invited entries for a photography competition. The last day for submissions was 1 October 2013.

The subject is “Trees in the Lewes Townscape”. A tree, trees, or part of a tree should play a major role in the composition, which should capture the contribution of trees to our townscape.

Submitted Entries:

Click on the images for larger, and full sized photos.

Junior Category

George Cade

Junior winning entry:

Lewes Castle, © George Cade
Early Summer Evening at The Grange – 1, © George Cade
George_Cade_Early_Summer_Evening_at_The_Grange_in Lewes 2
Early Summer Evening at The Grange – 2, © George Cade

Adult Category

Robin Bath

Robin_Bath_Laburnum_Arch_All_Saints, Lewes
Laburnum Arch, All Saints © Robin Bath
Robin_Bath_The Dorset_Apple_Tree, Lewes
The Dorset Apple Tree, © Robin Bath
Robin_Bath_Crab_Apples_in_the_Snow, Lewes
Crab Apples in the Snow, © Robin Bath


Anne Bostwick

Southover Grange Mulberry, © Anne Bostwick


Paul McDonald

Adult winning entry:

Path to Offham from Landport, © Paul McDonald
Trees are for children and dogs! © Paul McDonald


Mary Parker

Wheatley Elms at Victoria Hospital, © Mary Parker


Bob Russell

Bob_Russell_The Grange, Lewes
The Grange, © Bob Russell
Bob_Russell_Along_the_Ouse_at_Malling_Fields, Lewes
Along the Ouse at Malling Fields, © Bob Russell
Bob_Russell_Into_the_Railway_Land, Lewes
Into the Railway Land, © Bob Russell