Hidden Lewes: an Artist’s Eye for Detail

Hidden Lewes:  an Artist’s Eye for Detail
by Marietta Van Dyck (1998) – £2.00

Lewes is celebrated for the beauty of its setting and the remarkable variety of its historic buildings, but Marietta Van Dyck’s vivid pen and ink drawings reveal fascinating details which even the town’s inhabitants rarely notice.

Book jacket: Hidden Lewes, by M. van DyckBased on her popular “Eye for Detail” series for the Lewes News, this first published collection of her work is a delightful and unusual introduction to “the capital of Sussex”.  A map at the back of the book plots a route through the town’s twisting streets and twittens to take in a wealth of striking, curious and sometimes amusing features.

A unique spotter’s guide for visitors and locals alike, HIDDEN LEWES will lead you into unexpected corners – and may so improve your own powers of observation that you begin to discover other secret treasures for yourself.