Tree Surveys

The Friends of Lewes and OctoberFeast have brought two ideas together into one exciting project to map and to plant more trees in Lewes. The aim is to improve our natural environment.

On this page there are two survey forms that support this project. You can help us by filling these out. Thank you in advance!

1. Lewes Urban Arboretum

The Friends of Lewes aims to generate a new, sustainable and growing resource for leisure, education and tourism. Our first step is to seek a small grant from the South Downs National Park Authority’s Sustainable Communities Fund to pay for a professional survey of the current tree stock in Lewes. Your suggestions will help us assess community interest, and collect your planting ideas. Please use the Tree Survey Form to suggest where you think we might plant new trees of any species. Any location visible from public ground is a possible planting site.

2. Fruit Tree Survey

The OctoberFeast Lewes Abundance project aims to map the apple and other fruit trees of Lewes, and encourage us to feast on this bounty. The information you give us on the Fruit Trees Form will support an application for additional funds to prepare for the launch of a Lewes Abundance project in 2013.

There is information on both forms on how to complete and return them. We will need these forms back by end of April 2012.