Friends of Lewes Committees

The Friends of Lewes works through various committees and working groups.

  • The Executive Committee (the Society’s legal trustees) meets monthly to consider policy issues and manage the Society’s affairs. Within this, the Succession Planning Committee ensures that suitable officers, committee members, Presidents and Vice-Presidents are recruited and supported in their roles.
  • The Planning Committee, some of whose members are architects or planners, considers all planning applications in Lewes and the immediate surrounding area.  Constructive comments are sent to the planning authorities who value the contribution we make.
    We publish the Planning Committee Reports, the Planning Advice Notes and any Consultation Responses.
  • The Membership Services Committee manages membership matters and arranges talks, competitions and other events related to Lewes, listed in the Diary.
  • The Trees Committee works with local residents and council representatives to identify sites where trees need to be planted, maintained or replaced.  It considers all planning applications related to tree works.
  • The Heritage Open Days group, which includes representatives from the Executive Committee and Lewes District Council, organizes the annual Heritage Open Days weekend in Lewes.

Some of the work of the Society is done outside the formal committees by the wider membership, when members step forward to help, and this is always appreciated.