Goals for 2020 and beyond

Historically, the Friends of Lewes has not adopted specific defined goals or strategies above and beyond the “timeless” and generic objects written into our constitution.  These goals are a first attempt to set ourselves some tangible targets within those objects which should help us to:

  • Better focus our attentions and energies
  • Convey our value and purpose to the residents of Lewes

We plan to review these goals regularly, and assess our progress against them.

In meeting our vision of Keeping our Town Special, Friends of Lewes has a long and effective record of conserving and enhancing key aspects of the town – its history, distinctive buildings and the natural environment.

We acknowledge the current climate crisis and we are determined to engage in further activities, aligned with our objectives, that will contribute to restoring environmental balance in Lewes.

Our 2020 goals are:

  1. To bring further benefits to the town by placing increased emphasis on influencing relevant policy makers at national, regional and local levels (for example on, planning, transport, housing, highways, parking). These policy makers include the South Downs National Park Authority, East Sussex County Council, Lewes-Eastbourne District Council, Lewes Town Council and others.
  1. To work with others to promote and protect the vitality of businesses in and around our High St, preserve its range of buildings and businesses, and safeguard its community value in the face of commercial change and problematic traffic management.
  1. To preserve the integrity of the Conservation Areas in Lewes through our vigilance and close liaison with local planning authorities.
  1. To bring about reduced carbon emissions by engaging with developers and encouraging them to adopt carbon neutral and other ecologically sound innovations in construction practices in new builds and renovations.
  1. To increase tree canopy cover in Lewes, from the current 11.5% to the minimum recommendation for urban environments of 20%. We will do this by building on our successful projects to date and supporting other local groups with similar aims.
  1. To improve our environment, increase biodiversity and mitigate the risks resulting from climate change by collaborating with other Lewes-based groups with such aims.
  1. To learn, and to seek support for our local efforts, by engaging more broadly with other civic societies and Civic Voice.