Lewes North Street Quarter

The redevelopment of the Lewes North Street Quarter is one of the most significant planning applications submitted since the South Downs National Park came into existence, and the largest in Lewes since it became part of the National Park.

The new development is to be on a 14-acre brownfield site to the immediate north west of the centre of Lewes, which will regenerate the area around North Street and the Phoenix Industrial Estate and reconnect it to the heart of the town.

The joint owners of the site, Santon North Street Ltd and Lewes District Council, submitted a planning application which was approved in December 2015.

The scheme will deliver 416 new homes, 40 per cent of them affordable, 140,000 sq ft of workspace accommodating 475 registered full-time jobs, a public square, cafés and galleries, new riverside walkways, including a foot and cycle bridge across the river, as well as a health centre to serve 26,000 patients. It also includes a large undercroft carpark, to support the wider town centre and tourism in the town. Importantly, flood defences will be provided.

There is further information on the Santon North Street Quarter website.

The Friends of Lewes has been represented on the Sounding Group with the developers and has been able to influence many details of the design and landscape aspects as the scheme has evolved. We are involved in an advisory group which will not simply monitor the work, but also advise on specific aspects.

Image at the North Street Quarter website

Friends of Lewes Consultation Responses on the Lewes North Street Quarter development:

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