Friends of Lewes Members’ Coffee Time Talk on Zoom, Tuesday 19 October 2021, 10:25am

A Zoom talk for Members

Marcus Taylor – My time as a Mastermind Contestant

Marcus TaylorMarcus Taylor, history graduate and retired teacher, tells us how – rather to his surprise and his wife’s alarm – he came to appear on BBC TV’s Mastermind programme 35 years ago, with a special subject about which not a lot is known.

Marcus is the Chairman of The Friends of Lewes membership services subcommittee and he will also tell our guests the aims of Friends of Lewes, and how by joining our Group you can help us to stimulate public interest in the beauty, history, and character of Lewes and its surroundings areas.

This event is part of the 2021 East Sussex Older Peoples’ Day celebrations. Unless you are a member of the Friends, please contact for a Zoom link to this event. Members will have already been sent a link.

Usually, Coffee Time talks are put on for members of the Friends of Lewes, as a way of keeping in touch during the pandemic. If you would like to join FoL, and attend these morning talks, please find details on our Membership page. We send Zoom links to our members a few days before each talk, so please join in time! You can contact our Membership Secretary via email.