iTree Survey

In the autumn of 2014, in collaboration with Plumpton Agricultural College and the Lewes and Ouse Valley Eco-nomics group, the Friends of Lewes Trees Committee conducted what’s known as an iTree survey across the town. Teams visited over 200 sites randomly placed across the town, gathering information on land use, ground cover, trees present, (height, trunk diameter, canopy spread etc.), and other details. This information was entered and processed in iTree, which has yielded a mass of data about the town’s tree population, including: numbers, age profiles and sizes by species; total biomass; carbon sequestration, pollution removal and water retention measures, and ecosystem services values.

Information from the iTree survey will help us to:

  • formulate a long-term management plan for the town’s trees;
  • advocate and justify plantings;
  • create educational resources;
  • drive the town’s engagement with its trees;
  • influence longer-term, broader planting in the town through the Lewes Neighbourhood Plan.

Summary report of the i-Tree Eco Survey of the trees of Lewes , March 2019 [pdf 1.2mb]