Friends of Lewes Tree Planting – 2015

March 2015 – Malling Industrial estate
We planted four trees: a Norway Maple, (Acer Platanoides); a Wild Cherry, (Prunus avium); a Swedish Whitebeam, (Sorbus intermedia), and a Hybrid Elm, (Ulmus Americana Princeton) on South Downs Road. This planting will mature to soften views from the surrounding Downs – and we hope to extend it further along this industrial site in the future.

Tree planting at Malling Industrial Estate, Lewes

March 2015 – Southover School
We also planted a new Oriental Plane tree, (Platanus orientalis Digitata), in the grounds of Southover School to replace a nearby tree which had been felled because of disease.

2015 Oriental Plane Southover School

2015 –  Southover and Western Road Schools
We designed, and helped fund and carry out, the planting of a row of trees in the playing fields of Southover and Western Rd Schools.

Tree planting at Southover School

2015 – Lewes street tree survey
Nick Jones, a member of our Trees Committee, has carried out a survey of Lewes street trees to identify where former avenues of trees appear to be at risk, for example, through old age, disease or felling of trees without replacements. We have put together a long-term plan to fill these gaps in street planting and hope to begin with this work in Winter 2016/17 in the De Warrenne Road area.