Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 7 June 2018

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 7 June 2018.

Weeks ending 8, 15, 22 & 29 May & 5 June 2018

Weekly list as at 8 May 2018

SDNP/18/01528/HOUS – Replacement of existing UPVC flat roofed porch with timber built porch, replacement of aluminium framed bay windows with timber framed bay windows and construction of pitched tiled roof across porch and bay window – 28 Hawkenbury Way
This is considered to be an improvement to the property.

SDNP/18/01734/HOUS – Proposed single storey side extension, replacement of existing concrete roof tiles with plain clay tiles, and repainting of external render/timber. – 48 Prince Edwards Road
This is considered to be an improvement to the property.

SDNP/18/01825/HOUS – Enlarge existing first floor window to rear creating French windows and juliet balcony, additional window at the side of the building to the rear – 124 South Street
Object as insufficient information has been provided.

SDNP/18/019235/HOUS – Erection of single story extension with flat roof to rear of property – 21 Crisp Road
Object as insufficient information, particularly a rear elevation has been provided.

SDNP/18/02045/ADV – Non-illuminated logo, non illuminated aluminium panels, internally illuminated projecting sign and internally illuminated ATM surround – 59 High Street
Object to internally illuminated projecting sign as this is contrary to FoL planning advice note and other policies relating to the conservation area.

Weekly list as at 15 May 2018

SDNP/18/01465/LIS & 01466/HOUS – Introduction of a woodburner, new boiler, general making good of the property, partial internal reconfiguration and removing a non-original partition – 10A Southover High Street
Object to the position of the flue which should be re-routed to follow the slope of the roof so that it is less visible.

SDNP/18/01920/HOUS – Alterations to front garden including removal of porch. – Brook House, Rotten Row
Conditions should be imposed to any approval to provide for planting which will eventually camouflage the gabions.

SDNP/18/023256/FUL – 1 x three bedroom town house with off street parking  Land to the rear of 47 Cliffe High Street
No objection to concept of a house on this site but object to the design proposed for this position in the town centre.

SDNP/18/02236/HOUS – Proposed two storey side extension, single storey rear extension, loft conversion and internal alterations. 40 The Meadows
Object as the extensions are disproportionate to the existing house and of poor design.

SDNP/18/02340/HOUS – Part single storey, part two storey rear extension, new dormer window to rear roof slope, roof lights to front roof slope, removal of chimney stack., 9 Malling Hill
Object as dormer is top heavy and disproportionate to existing house.

Weekly list as at 22 May 2018

SDNP/18/02693/HOUS – Replace all windows, excluding two french windows with wood grain effect UPVC. 1 Friars Mews, Pinwell Road
Object to using UPVC in the conservation area.

SDNP/18/02535/HOUS – Two storey side extension with pitched roof and loft conversion with rear dormer. 14 Pellbrook Road
Object as inadequate drawings have been provided.

Weekly list as at 29 May 2018

SDNP/18/02565/LIS – Renewal of two first floor windows to the west elevation, and two bay windows to the ground and first floor south elevation.  10 Waterloo Place
Object as the windows proposed are inconsistent and historically inaccurate with other windows in the property.

SDNP/18/02618/HOUS – Erection of front porch roof, single storey side extension, loft conversion with front skylight and rear dormer, replacement of pvc windows with aluminium, windows, replacement of pvc front and rear doors with timber doors and configuration to replacement windows to ground floor rear and replacement of garage with garden studio. – 36 Hamsey Crescent
Object as dormer is too large and close to the building and contrary to FoL Planning Advice note.

SDNP/18/02626/COND – Variation of a Condition 2 relating to -planning approval SDNP/17/00775/FUL to alter elevations, window positioning and sizes, remove external staircase, addition of basement and associated alterations. – Land adjacent to Hanover House, Timberyard Lane
Object as case for these changes not established for them in this setting.

SDNP/18/02729/HOUS – Side extension to rear dormer. 8 Delaware Road
Object as dormer too large and contrary to FoL Planning Advice note.

Weekly list as at 5 June 2018

SDNP/18/01477/FUL – Render over yellow and grey brick in a light and neutral colour, replace existing fascia and other cladding with oiled cedar, replace all street facing windows with grey frames (exact material to be confirmed) mount wooden cross in front of indented brick cross on  tower – Eastgate Baptist Church.
Object until more details provided and confirmation given that these proposals relate to the church hall and not the church.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/18/01495/HOUS  2 The Avenue.   Crossover.
SDNP/18/01522/HOUS & 01523/LIS  1A Westgate Street. Replace roof and add roof light.
SDNP/18/01631/CND  36 Fitzjohns Road.   Variation of Condition for approval for alterations to ground floor extension.
SDNP/18/02075/HOUS  27 De Montfort Road. Windows, doors and rainwater goods.
SDNP/18/02089/FUL  3 Fisher Street. Insertion of additional door into frontage
SDNP/18/02081/HOUS & 02082/LIS  10 South Street. Windows, roof light and doors.
SDNP/18/02119/LIS  25 South Street. Damp proofing and replace kitchen door.
SDNP/18/00449/LIS  2 Abinger House, Abinger Place.   Replace window.
SDNP/18/01541/HOUS  7 Stewards Inn Lane.   Rear bike shed.
SDNP/18/01601/HOUS  Rear extension porch, external staircase, balcony, windows and solar panels.
SDNP/18/02342/HOUS  remove chimney.
SDNP/18/02370/HOIUS & SDNP/18/02371/LIS 1 Priory Crescent. Replace existing window.
SDNP/18/02171/HOUS  17 Pellbrook Road.   Car port, re-landscape front garden, render window pay and porch columns and replace windows.
SDNP/18/01855/HOUS  26 Churchill Road 2 storey side extension
SDNP/18/01829/HOUS  1 Park Road.   Re[lace two chimney pots.
SDNP/18/02422/HOUS  3 Fitzjohns Road.   One storey side extension.
SDNP/18/02120/LIS  The Swan Inn, 30A Southover High street. Rear extension.
SDNP/18/02337/HOUS  4 Deanery Close. Single storey rear and side extensions.
SDNP/18/02604/HOUS  25 Gundreda Road.   Alter dormer.
SDNP/18/01120/HOUS  Walnut Grove, Kingston Road.   New windows, single storey rear extension and shed.
SDNP/18/02027/FUL  35 Friars Walk.   New windows.
SDNP/18/02557/HOUS  9 Hamsey Crescent.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/18/01824/HOUS  1 Park Road.  Replace window.
SDNP/18/02778/HOUS  The Bothy, Cockshut Road. Single storey side extension.