Protecting pavements in the Lewes Conservation Area

Lewes has a good number of pavements of local bricks, which are at constant risk of degradation when repairs are necessary. Because of the risk of settlement, utility companies are allowed to fill in with tarmac , but are obliged to reinstate the original surface within six months.

The reality is that this task has a low priority for them and enforcement is not thorough, so that the streetscape can be scarred for long periods.

We have compiled a series of photos of tarmac patches on Lewes pavements, and ask that if you see other examples which spoil our streets, let us know. Ideally a photograph would be helpful, but a detailed location will do.

Friends of Lewes keep Rob Stevens, Highway Steward, updated on such cases – and write to congratulate him on timely and appropriate action!

Pavement patch in Lewes