Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 3 October 2019

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 3 October 2019: 

SDNP/19/04263/HOUS: Proposed dormer to rear roofslope with Juliette balcony and rooflights to front, rear and north east side roofslopes. 40 Gundreda Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposed box dormer which is too large and will be an over dominant feature of the rear elevation. It does not conform to the recommendations set out in the Friends of Lewes ‘Planning Advice for Dormer Windows’.

SDNP/19/04407/HOUS: Installation of rear dormer and front roof lights. 9 Delaware Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposed box dormer which is too large and does not conform to the recommendations set out in the Friends of Lewes ‘Planning Advice for Dormer Windows’. The design will make the pair of houses unsymmetrical and visually unbalanced.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/19/04140/HOUS 11 Priory Street.   Replace and change colour of door.
SDNP/19/04148/FUL 56 High Street.   Change of use to first and second floor to residential, internal and external alterations.
SDNP/19/04230/LIS & 04231/FUL 197 High Street.   Rear extension and re-configuration of retained residential unit.
SDNP/19/04246/FUL & 04247/LIS Removal of tiles and slates and replace with natural slate tiles.
SDNP/19/04322/LIS 45 Southover High Street.   Replace fireplace, install WC, replace sub floor and line attic wall.
SDNP/19/04338/OUT 43 Queens Road.   Erect detached dwelling with new access to road.
SDNP/19/04342/LIS 9 Priory Crescent.   Internal alterations and chimney lining.
SDNP/19/ 04346/LIS 171-172 High Street.   Internal works.
SDNP/19/04411/HOUS 33 Prince Edward’s Road.   Single storey flat roof extension.
SDNP/19/04418/HOUS & 04419/LIS Meadow Barn Landport Farm.   Convert storage barn to garage/workshop with annexe.
SDNP/19/04618/FUL & 04619/LIS 72-73 High Street.   Sub-divide to form to units, reinstate original entrance door and steps to no. 73.

Planning Application Approved

Lewes History Group talk: Rise of Victorian & Edwardian Suburbs in Lewes – Monday 11 November 2019, 7:00 for 7:30pm

Sue Berry: The Rise of Victorian and Edwardian Suburbs in Lewes

The landscape of Lewes was so transformed during the later 1880s and early 1900s that by 1914, a visitor from the early nineteenth century would have been very surprised by the changes, especially the styles and the innovations such as sewerage and fresh water.

Access to the railway became key for businesses, and where possible, living away from the noise and smells of the iron foundry, breweries, leather processing and horse dung (a later Victorian crisis) in the centre all helped to shape the town – and the imprint of development during this period still does.

We will explore the development of the suburbs exploring topics such as the impact of ever increasing legislation on the layout and coherence of all house building projects – large (Wallands), mid-sized (such as the Pells and Grange Road) and small infills; of the difficulty of making them profitable even on greenfield sites; and who some of the builders and occupants were.

St John sub Castro Church, Lewes, before later Victorian development
The Pells area before development. Courtesy of Sussex Archaeological Society

All are welcome from 7.00pm for free refreshments and updates on the Group’s activities. The talk will begin promptly at 7:30pm and will finish by 9.00pm.

There is an entry fee for these meetings, payable at the door, of £1 for members, and £3 for non-members.

Venue: The King’s Church building on Brooks Road, Lewes, BN7 2BY. (Between Tesco car park and Homebase)

See the Meetings page for a list of  forthcoming monthly talks organised by the Lewes History Group.

Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 5 September 2019

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 5 September 2019:

SDNP/19/03802/ADV, SDNP/19/03807/LIS: Installation of replacement illuminated and non illuminated signs and repainting of the existing render, windows and surrounds. The Black Horse Inn 55 Western Road.
Friends of Lewes welcomes the improvements proposed but comments that details of the pictorial sign are required to allow a full assessment to be made of the signage.

SDNP/19/03808/FUL: Extension of existing car park to provide 12no car parking spaces in total, construction of new detached timber framed bin store, installation of timber framed cycle store, construction of access ramp and steps and construction of retained wall to rear of site. Saxonbury Juggs Road.
Friends of Lewes object to this application as details of the proposed bin store and cycle store are not provided in the application, contrary to the SDNPA Local Validation List July 2019.

SDNP/19/03986/LIS: Repair and raising of twitten wall to allow abutment and flashing of approved garden studio roof into face of wall. 5 St Swithuns Terrace.
Friends of Lewes do not object to the principle of raising the height of the flint wall. However, as stated previously, the Society objects to the proposal to raise the wall entirely in flint and lime mortar and considers bull nosed capping should be used along its length to ensure its longevity.

SDNP/19/04107/HOUS: Proposed first floor side extension and conversion of loft space with rear dormer. 34 Windover Crescent.
Friends of Lewes object to the proposed box dormer which is too large and does not conform to the recommendations set out in the Friends of Lewes ‘Planning Advice for Dormer Windows’. The design, which includes altering the hipped roof to a gable end, will make the pair of houses unsymmetrical and visually unbalanced.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/19/03219/ADV 173 High Street (Ex Prezzo) Rebranding of existing signs.
SDNP/19/02273/LIS 169 High Street (Sussex Past).   Visitors’ map on bricked up window.
SDNP/19/03281/HOUS 84 Prince Edward’s Road.   Single storey rear extension.
SDNP/19/03427/HOUS 22 Morris Road.   Demolish conservatory and build new single storey rear extension.
SDNP/19/03579/HOUS & 04088/LIS 23 Keere Street.   Renovation, replace extension roof covering and timber, repair dormer and secondary glazing to front windows.
SDNP/19/03581/FUL Sussex Police Headquarters, Church Lane, South Malling. Telecommunications Mast.
SDNP/19/03671/HOUS 7 Middle Way.   Single storey rear extension and alterations.
SDNP/19/03681/HOUS 35 Newton Road.   Side and rear extension of existing extension.
SDNP/19/03695/HOUS 37 Newton Road.   Side and rear extension.
SDNP/19/03719/LIS Maisonette, 23 Cliffe High Street.   Replace first floor front window.
SDNP/19/03788/HOUS 20 East Way.   Single and two storey rear extension.
SDNP/19/03800/HOUS 17 Mill Road.   Two storey rear extension, first floor and single storey side extension.
SDNP/19/03879/LIS 2-3 Southover High Street.   Remove chimney and reinstall cowls and 3 brick courses to aid removal of bees’ nest.

Planning Application Approved

Championing our Water: Friends of Lewes talk, Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 7.45pm

Aimee Felus: Challenges of Water Management in a Chalk Landscape

Aimee Felus is Project Manager for the Brighton Chalk Management Partnership (ChaMP), which works to improve and protect the sources of water in our area.

The chalk of the South Downs is porous and holds water like a sponge. This aquifer enables Southern Water to pump groundwater for both homes and businesses in an otherwise relatively dry part of the country.

As with many of our natural resources this groundwater is under threat – from population pressures and as a side effect of modern farming and life styles.

Aimee will explain the work of ChaMP, and its relevance to Lewes in protecting our precious groundwater.

ChaMP is led by South Downs National Park Authority, Southern Water and the Environment Agency.

River in Lewes

Venue: Lecture Room, Lewes Town Hall (Fisher Street entrance)

Entry: Free for Friends of Lewes members, £3 for non-members

Wine and juice can be purchased in the interval

See the Diary page for a list of  forthcoming events organised by the Friends of Lewes


Rowland Halls – A Sussex Architect: Exhibition and Talk, September 2019

Rowland Hawke Halls (July 1879 – March 1919) was a Lewes architect working in the Arts and Crafts tradition in the decade before the First World War. To mark the centenary of his death, two events are planned:

Exhibition of drawings and photographs – Tuesday 10 to Monday 16 September 2019, 9:30am to 4:00pm

On display will be Halls’ designs for local buildings, and previously unseen material from the family archive.

Venue: Lewes Town Hall, High Street, BN7 2QS

Entry: Free


A talk on Rowland Halls: A Sussex Architect – Wednesday 18 September 2019, 5.30-6.30pm

Event at The Keep, Falmer

Architect Rowland Halls died in a motorbike accident in March 1919, aged 39. He had spent most of his life in Sussex, where he designed many Arts and Crafts style houses, as well as public buildings such as the Council offices in Fisher Street, Lewes.

Halls celebrated traditional crafts; many of his buildings used local materials and were decorated with scenes from Sussex life and nature.

This talk, by his grandson David Scott Cowan, will explore Halls’ life and work, referencing his letters home from France and Belgium in WWI, as well as architectural plans, watercolours and other material from the East Sussex Records Office at The Keep and family archives.

Entry: £5, which includes the parking fee

Booking in advance is essential via The Keep’s website or call 01273 482349

Venue: The Keep, Woollards Way, Brighton,  BN1 9BP

Rowland Halls exhibition and talk, September 2019
Click image to enlarge

Reeves Lightbox Exhibition – Lewes High Street: Retail Retold, 5-29 September 2019

An exhibition of 80 pictures displayed as lightboxes along the length of Lewes High Street and surrounding streets.

The images come from the archive of Edward Reeves Photography, the world’s oldest surviving photographic studio, and show pictures of the town and people of Lewes taken in the High Street from 1860 – 1960.

The Lightbox Project started in 2014, and since then has mounted annual exhibitions placed in windows up and down the streets of Lewes.

Retail Retold focuses on the importance of the High Street, which is central to the social and economic life of our community. Special emphasis is given to the more sustainable way in which previous generations traded and shopped,  and highlights ever changing lifestyles.

The original glass plates were digitally scanned and enlarged to reveal previously unnoticed details.

Map at Reeves Archive website, click map to enlarge


Friends of Lewes Planning Committee Report 1 August 2019

Representations made on planning applications following the meeting of the Planning Committee held on 1 August 2019: 

SDNP/19/03583/PRE: PRE-APPLICATION ADVICE: Erection of Free Standing Mcdonald’s restaurant with drive thru lane, car parking and associated works. Land adjacent to Davey’s Road Brooks Road.
SDNPA do not accept representations on pre-applications for advice. The Committee felt that as the area immediately adjacent to the proposed site is changing from industrial to residential use this is an inappropriate location for a two storey restaurant. Furthermore there is already severe traffic congestion at times associated with Tesco and Aldi and the additional traffic generated by the development would make the situation unacceptable.

SDNP/19/02857/FUL: Proposed demolition of existing garage and erection of 2.5 storey, split-level dwelling house. 42 St Annes Crescent.
Friends of Lewes have reservations about the compact design of the development which is unsympathetic to the neighbouring buildings and risks over-development. The Society also has concerns over the impact of the construction on the mature trees adjacent to the development and the damage that will result to established root systems.

SDNP/19/03340/HOUS: Erection of outbuilding to replace existing shepherds hut. Old Malling Farm, The Old Parlour Old Malling Way.
Friends of Lewes object to the felt roof covering proposed and considers traditional roofing materials should be used.

SDNP/19/02950/ADV: Proposed fascia and hanging signage. 50 High Street.
Friends of Lewes object to the large size of the hanging sign and consider it should be reduced in size.

SDNP/19/03225/FUL: Proposed car park with new height barrier and gate with associated hard landscaping. Western End of Priory School Playing Fields Mountfield Road.
Friends of Lewes object to the use of non-permeable surfaces in this development. All surfaces should be permeable and self-draining.

SDNP/19/03247/FUL: Demolition of Church Hall and garage and the erection of a pair of semi-detached 3 bedroomed houses. St Johns Church Hall Talbot Terrace.
Friends of Lewes have no objection in principle to the redevelopment of this site. However the Society objects to the design which is out of context with adjacent buildings and is an inappropriate design solution. It considers the car parking provision should be removed as it pushes the building back from the existing building line and prevents the roof ridges running parallel to the street.

SDNP/19/03314/FUL: Replacement of existing Fascia, projecting and ATM signage, works to include the preparation and decoration of existing shopfront and replacement of existing ATM and surround. 59 High Street.
Friends of Lewes have no objection to the signage proposed provided it is not internally illuminated.


The Committee examined the following applications and had no observations to make:

SDNP/19/03127/LIS 169 High Street.   Brick work repairs.
SDNP/19/03128//HOUS 126 Western Road.   Replace and modify front door
SDNP/19/,03190/LIS 114 High Street.   Toilet and sink, connect pipe, shower, secondary window glazing and rooflight.
SDNP/19/03192/HOUS & 03193/LIS Remedial works to repair water damage.
SDNP/19/03303/HOUS 1 The Villas, Grange Road.   Gates, window and patio doors, replace raised bed.
SDNP/19/03379/HOUS 11 Cranmer Close.   Single storey front extension and garage conversion.
SDNP/19/03497/DEM 22 King Henry’s Road.   Remove conservatory.

Planning Application Approved