New recycling service in Lewes District, 2018

Lewes District Council is making it easier for residents to recycle by introducing a single wheelie bin for all paper, plastics, cans, tins cardboard and glass. This new approach to recycling in the district will mean more is recycled, which will be good for the environment.

The Council will deliver the new 240 litre wheelie bin to Lewes and Ringmer from the week commencing 16 April 2018. They will swap the current recycling containers for a wheelie bin on your usual recycling collection day, when they will also collect the old containers. Once you receive your bin you can simply put all of your recycling in without having to sort it.

Keere Street, LewesThe 240 litre bins will be delivered  to all suitable properties in the district. Flats will have large recycling communal bins. A number of roads in Lewes have properties without enough frontage to store a recycling wheelie bin. The Council will not deliver a wheelie bin to homes on these roads, which are listed on the Council’s web page.