Lewes Swift Watch

A message from Lewes Swift Supporters

The swifts are back in Lewes!

This year, Lewes Swift Supporters have introduced a citizen science project called Lewes Swift Watch to engage as many locals as possible in reporting sightings of swifts across Lewes. We would very much like you to become involved by posting your swift sightings to our Facebook group, “Lewes Swift Supporters” or by sending an e-mail to us at lewesswifts@gmail.com.

Because of the current lockdown, our formal surveys will be restricted for most of the swift season, from May to August, so your reports will be of great importance to us! For your safety, we ask that you make your observations from your home or garden, or during your daily exercise walk. A few details are all that is required. Please let us know:

  • the date and time of your sighting – we are most interested in low-flying swifts as they’re our local birds!;
  • where you observed the birds – an address would be good if possible;
  • the number of swifts that you saw; and
  •  whether you saw any swifts entering or leaving a nest – if you can describe the exact location on the building, that would be great!

Lewes Swift SupportersFrom all the information posted, we hope to increase our knowledge of nesting swifts in Lewes. This will help us to protect the birds and decide how best to expand the population. If you have the privilege of hosting an active swift nest in your home, we’d love to hear what you’ve learned from monitoring your birds.


Caroline Russell, (Communications Officer, Lewes Swift Supporters)