Friends of Lewes funds nest boxes for Swifts

Friends of Lewes frequently collaborates with other Lewes-based community groups to improve our environment and increase biodiversity. We were pleased to have the opportunity recently to part-fund a project to provide more nest box accommodation for Swifts, organised by Lewes Swift Supporters. In February, six new nest boxes were installed in De Montfort Road, in addition to the ten boxes installed in Western Road in October 2020.

Lewes Swift Supporters have sent their thanks to Friends of Lewes for this generous funding and given us some information about their project.

“This area at the top of the town is a “hot spot” for Swifts since 32 of the 64 nests recorded in 2020 were found there.

Since the Roman era, Common Swifts have made nests in eaves, nooks or crannies of British buildings. The design of modern buildings and renovation of older buildings mean that many of these nest sites have disappeared. As a result, the number of Swifts has declined by 50% since 2000. By providing nest box accommodation, we aim to increase Swift numbers towards their previous levels.”

You can find out more about the Swifts in Lewes and how to support them, by contacting

Swift's nest box installed
Swifts nest box installed under the eaves