Lewes History Group research talk: The Anglo-Saxons – Monday 17 January 2022, 7.30pm

A Zoom Webinar

Dr Marc Morris: The Anglo-Saxons – A History of the Beginnings of England

In addition to our monthly talks, we are trialing occasional talks on broader topics suggested by members which could inform their research interests, or throw some light on how Lewes was affected by major historical events and periods.

This first talk looks at Saxon England – a period key to the foundation of Lewes.

In the early fifth century Britain was a former Roman province, descending rapidly into ruin. But by the early eleventh century it was dominated by a newly forged kingdom called ‘England’ – a country of shires, sheriffs, bishops, and boroughs, with boundaries much the same as they are today. The Anglo-Saxons caused that transformation.

The story of their tumultuous journey, from warlords to kings, from paganism to Christianity, and from a galaxy of competing peoples to a single, unified nation, is the subject of this talk.

Dr Marc Morris is the author of The Anglo Saxons: A History of the Beginnings of England. His other books include a best-selling history of the Norman Conquest and highly acclaimed biographies of King John and Edward Ist. He presented the TV series Castle and wrote its accompanying book.

Marc Morris - The Anglo-Saxons

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