Lewes History Group Research Talk: Building a Victorian or Edwardian House – Monday 7 March 2022, 7:25 for 7:30pm start

A Zoom Webinar

Kit Wedd: Building a Victorian or Edwardian House 

Speculatively built and mass-produced, the modest house for the respectable artisan or the aspiring middle class professional is the predominant built form in England’s Victorian suburbs.

Such houses were built in their hundreds of thousands, and today are admired for their architectural character and the quality of their materials and construction.

In this talk, Kit Wedd introduces the people responsible for producing them: the surveyors who laid out the new streets, the developers who raised and risked the investment, and the builders themselves – a roster of craftsmen, technicians and labourers operating in a strict hierarchy based on inherited traditions and skills, but challenged by new technologies and working practices.

Many people in Lewes own a house of this period, so this talk will help us understand how areas such as The Pells, New Road, Lancaster Street, Southover Road, St Anne’s Terrace, infills such as Cleves Terrace, and the area north of The Avenue, were built.

Kit Wedd is an expert on buildings of this period. She has published several books on the topic of house building during this period.  She is a Director of Spurstone Heritage and a trustee of the Victorian Society

Carpenter, Whittock 1842; Kit Wedd - Victoroan Housebuilding
Carpenter, by Whittock 1842; Kit Wedd: Victorian Housebuilding

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