Praise for Friends of Lewes Urban Arboretum team, and award of grant

Lewes District Council has applauded the volunteers of the Lewes Urban Arboretum for their work to improve the ‘richness of the natural environment in Lewes’.

Audrey Jarvis is Chairperson of the Trees Committee of Friends of Lewes, (Lewes Urban Arboretum project), who are on a mission to make Lewes a ‘town in the trees’ by increasing the local tree canopy cover.

The team can be regularly found around the town planting trees and new hedgerows as part of their relentless drive to encourage greater biodiversity in Lewes and the wider district.

Ruth O’Keeffe, Cabinet Member for Tourism at Lewes District Council met with Audrey in Jubilee Gardens this week to see how she and her husband created a new hedgerow during lockdown. Read more…

In addition, the Lewes District Council has decided to award £200 from the Lewes Local Lottery Community Fund to the Friends of Lewes Urban Arboretum team.

Thank you to LDC for the support and recognition!

Tree planting in the Wallands, Lewes, November 2021
Planting trees in the Wallands, November 2021: a Sophora, Celtis, Tulip Tree, and an Acer. Click image to enlarge


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